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Malmo Saluhall

Discover Malmö – Travel 2024

Sweden's third largest city is shaping the future with some remarkable innovations in sustainability, mobility and urban living. In the areas of architecture, infrastructure and local transport, the connection between tradition and modernity is being reinvigorated in Malmö. We take a look at the culinary recommendations in an innovative city in the middle of Europe.

Culinary highlights

English Toffees the market square in Malmo

The city offers a wide range of culinary specialties. A first course should definitely lead to the international weekly market in the center. Many country specialties are lined up here in one place. If you want to be inspired by English toffees, Italian pastries or oriental delicacies at the same time, you should stop by here more often. In a relatively manageable setting, you can try and taste finger food or small meals directly on site.

Fika with cinnamon rolls in the Saluhall

The fika is the typical term for a break or a meeting outside of official working hours. Meeting for a cup of coffee and a tasty piece of cake is an integral cultural part of everyday life in Sweden and is also celebrated in Malmö. Different meeting points in the open air or in the café are conceivable. In Malmö there are numerous opportunities to enjoy this break to the full.

Söderholmens Fisk at Saluhall in Malmo

A relaxed spot for a fika is the Markthalle (Saluhall), there are many other wonderful delicacies here in addition to delicious cinnamon rolls. This location, which also has a nice outdoor area to sit, chat and drink, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting locations in Malmö. There are many culinary providers lined up next to each other, bakers, restaurants or retailers with specialties. If you are in Malmo, you should definitely plan to visit the Saluhall.

The castle garden and a café in the greenhouse

Malmö is a varied metropolis in Sweden, with around 50% green space, Malmö is a city with great recreational value. Due to the location on the water and the numerous canals with a total of 20 bridges, water sports enthusiasts are welcome. Here you can rent a pedal boat or an electric boat or explore the city in a gondola with a gondolier.

The castle built around 1434 by King Eric of Pomerania is magnificent. Malmo Slutet was expanded as a Renaissance castle by the Danish kings. Now it houses various exhibitions. These include the natural history museum, the technical museum and the art museum. And of course the Maritime Museum should not be missing. Diverse explorations can also be made in the new aquarium, in the submarine and in the experimentarium for children.

Garden café Slottsparken

In every season, the green oasis of the castle park (Slottsparken) attracts long walks and visits to interesting destinations. In the summer months there are numerous cultural events in the park. A visit to the garden café in a former greenhouse in the middle of the park is a culinary experience. Tareq Taylor, a chef popular in Scandinavia, opened this café. Here you will be spoiled with delicious cakes and tarts. Each guest then personally separates their leftovers into crockery, cutlery, food leftovers, plastic and paper. This also raises awareness of the careful use of our resources. After the fika you can stroll towards the old town and cross the fantastic Kungsparken (King's Park) with an interesting tree planting.


Malmo is preparing for the future as a cosmopolitan and sustainable metropolis in Norway. The convenient location with the bridge to Copenhagen and the good accessibility by plane, car ferry or car are ideal for a trip to Malmö. If you want to combine your arrival with a relaxed ferry ride, you can use the numerous ferry connections. On the sun deck, you can let your gaze wander over the Baltic Sea, giving you a relaxed holiday feeling. In Malmö you can experience the pulse of the changes personally, most of the impulses are currently being set around the Turning Torso in the Westhafen.


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