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Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022

Mazda MX-30 e Makoto in Indian Summer

The MX-30 has its own cross-over charm with individual features. While the interior is compact, it has a few distinctive highlights on the exterior with a pleasing front end and a sloping rear roofline. There are probably only a handful of cars with counter-opening, sunken doors. Here, too, the MX-30 sets an accent. In the meantime there have also been a few updates regarding shorter loading times.

There are currently only a few electric cars that radiate visual appeal. The Mazda MX-30e certainly has its own crossover charm combined with some individual features. Based on the interior of the compact class, it starts with a striking front end and a sloping rear roof line. Notable are the counter-opening recessed doors for easier rear entry into the Mazda. In the middle of the North German Indian Summer 2022, we subject the MX-30 e to an extensive test.

Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022
Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022

When the test car arrives, the currently only Stromer Mazda surprises with an interesting multi-tone paint finish. The sand-colored multi-tone metallic paintwork plays with the incidence of light and, depending on the time of day and the mood of the light, changes the surface color perception from a rich sand tone to a deep, dark gray tone in the shaded areas. The special paint can be ordered for an additional charge of 1.500 euros. There is also a wide selection of metallic paint finishes and other metallic tones.

Some tasteful details are also integrated into the interior design, which could be style-defining for the zero-emission future of Mazda's passenger car fleet. The ergonomically well-shaped seats are available in the basic configuration with fabric or, for an extra charge, with a fabric/imitation leather mix. The rear seat bench is comfortably padded for long distances.

Comprehensive assistance systems

The trend towards recycling materials in the automotive industry has been picking up speed in recent years. Mazda is also stepping into this trend with the MX-30, for example by recycling PET bottles in door panels or by using recycled fibers in fabrics. Some applications made from renewable cork are used as cladding on the storage areas of the center console and offer the advantage of recognizing stored utensils at first glance.

Mazda takes a leap with the infotainment screen on top of the center console. The manufacturer thus places the information on the same level as the very easy-to-read standard head-up display. The system is placed the way you want it from the driver's point of view. During the journey, all essential information is placed in the driver's field of vision. Further down there is a second display for the air conditioning of the MX-30. Here the operation takes place via rotary controls.

Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022
Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022

As already indicated, the MX-30 belongs to the compact class in the interior. There is only a limited view from the rear seats due to the freestyle doors with the small side windows. The driver's view to the rear through the rear window is also limited. The premium package with a 360-degree monitor and a parking aid including cross traffic warning and emergency braking assistant provides a remedy for all-round visibility.

As with the BMW i3, the concept with the doors opening in opposite directions, referred to here as freestyle doors, was adopted. This eliminates the classic B-pillar and makes getting in and out a little easier. A major disadvantage is that you first have to open the front door to get in. Visually an eye-catcher, the doors in the car forums are largely criticized, especially when used in narrow parking bays.

On the middle route

We start in the cool north with temperatures around twenty degrees in Indian Summer. The MX-30e is powered by a 107 kW/145 hp electric motor with a maximum torque of 271 Newton meters. The lithium-ion battery has a net capacity of 32,2 kWh, putting it on par with the competition from the BMW Mini. Mazda justifies the low battery performance with lower CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle compared to cars with much larger batteries.

This means that the car is also primarily of interest for commuting and short-distance traffic. Our first commuter test from Bordesholm to Flensburg and back in late autumn shows a range of 100 km after the first 171% charge. That's not enough for a relaxed return trip without opportunity charging. So let's look at the shortest route with 93 kilometers on the A7 and plan a loading stop in Flensburg. On the outward journey we initially drove defensively and limited the top speeds to a maximum of 100 km/h. Driving in the slipstream of the truck reduces power consumption. This resulted in relatively moderate fuel consumption and when we arrived at our destination, the Mazda showed a remaining range of 60 kilometers.

Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022
Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022

The warning "Charge level high-voltage battery low" appears when the remaining range is less than 50 kilometers. The charging network here in the "real north" has now been developed tolerably, and CCS fast charging stations are now located in every city. It would make sense for the future to be able to set the display individually. In Flensburg you can quickly find a fast charger with the navigation system. For the return trip, we charge up to 30% capacity within 80 minutes and start the return trip with an offensive driving style. This shows that the crossover with the large frontal area and correspondingly high air resistance consumes significantly more electricity at speeds of over 100 km/h. According to the display, consumption is well over 20 kW per 100 kilometers driven.

Update from CCS charging system

The car is not designed as a sports car, but of the type of a touring sedan with very practical assistance systems. The adaptive cruise control and a blind spot warning let the occupants cruise relaxed on the asphalt. The steering provides good road contact and the solid chassis compensates for most of the bumps. The electric MX-30 is sealed off at 140 km / h. The degree of recuperation can be regulated in two stages using the two steering wheel paddles. Free rolling is set with the right rocker, the left one regulates the braking effect when the battery capacity is reduced.

Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022
Mazda MX-30 and Indian Summer 2022

Back in Bordesholm, the battery capacity has shrunk to a remaining range of 18 kilometers. This extensive test drive has fully exploited the potential. From the defensive to the offensive driving style, there is a wide range in consumption. On cold winter days, with a full battery, between 120 and 160 kilometers are realistic, depending on the use of the heat and comfort functions and the driving style. The average consumption values ​​are between 20 and 30 kWh in winter. Mazda specifies the combined power consumption as 19 kWh/100 km. That is conceivable in the summer after these test drives.

The basic price is 35.990 euros. At the same time, you should order the Advantage package with seat heating and DAB+ Radio Euro. Some individual upgrades can then be ordered according to your own taste.


The Mazda MX-30 e including Makoto equipment has the potential to become a compact touring sedan. It is currently a digital treat on short-haul routes. With the extensive assistance systems and the exemplary placement of the infotainment in the road area, it offers a relaxed driving experience. If Mazda decides to upgrade to a larger battery, the electric Mazda will appeal to an even wider audience.

N. Hawthorn
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