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Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid

Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid in portrait

With the Mazda2 Hybrid, Mazda has a badge model for the Toyota Yaris in its portfolio. The compact and wiry petrol engine with a system output of 116 hp is a lightweight at just over 1100 kg and moves in the small car segment as a fast full hybrid across town and country. As three-cylinder engines with assistive electric motors, consumption-optimized combustion engines are once again more in the focus of the current car year after the environmental bonus expires. We test for environmental and consumption values ​​as well as suitability for everyday use.

Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid
Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid trunk

The Mazda 2 full hybrid is a separate model as a copy of the Toyota Yaris and therefore has the same visual and technical characteristics as the Yaris model. This results in a completely different vehicle compared to the other Mazda 2 versions. It is pleasing that with the new full hybrid technology, even short journeys in city traffic or when parking can be carried out purely electrically.

The storage options are important in everyday life. In contrast to the other Mazda models, the wider full hybrid has 286 liters of storage space, and the split-folding rear seat expands the loading options to 935 liters. There is a practical head-up display in the interior with all the essential driving information.

Good consumption values

The technology behind it consists of a 93 hp three-cylinder engine in conjunction with a 59 kW electric motor. This results in a total system output of 116 hp. The system automatically decides whether the pure electric drive is activated based on the current driving situation. The driver can also activate electric mode using an EV button. However, the only message that appears is that the battery charge level is not sufficient. There probably needs to be another update here.

Otherwise, all of the technical features of the Yaris are also used in the Mazda 2. The Mazda 2 is particularly impressive in terms of average consumption. During our test drives in the winter of 2023/2024, we were able to achieve an average consumption of between 4,5 and 5,5 liters of premium gasoline in the third mix. A comparatively good consumption in this vehicle segment.

As a Toyota twin, the full hybrid Mazda naturally does not contain any Mazda technology; it is intended as a supplement for customers who prefer a full hybrid. Accordingly, all the typical features and facilities from the Toyota shelf can be found here in the interior.

Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid
Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid

Sophisticated technology

The Mazda 2 full hybrid has sophisticated technology on board and a balanced chassis for a compact car. The front-wheel drive appears calm and relies on proven chassis technology that easily compensates for normal bumps and reacts a little more harshly to larger holes in the asphalt.

Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid
Mazda2 Hybrid Select full hybrid interior

In the interior there is the now usual central information display with all the entertainment settings and the connection to Apple Car Play or Android. An attractive detail is the head-up display for the windshield included in the Select line. It is an appealing combination of the most important driving information and is rarely found in this vehicle class.


The overall package for fans of full hybrid vehicles is extensive. Automatic air conditioning, a Bluetooth hands-free system, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning are already integrated into the basic price. If you want greater comfort, you should choose the Select version. For traditional Mazda 2 drivers, it is a real switch to other technical values ​​due to the differences listed.


Vehicle test winter 2023/2024

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