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Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

Mini Cooper SE Facelift - Price List July 2021

Two years ago, almost no manufacturer could be without an electric vehicle concept at the IAA 2017. And so BMW Mini also presented a purely electric design study in Frankfurt: The MINI Electric Concept was intended to give a foretaste of the purely electric series model of the MINI, which was presented in 2019. Now the Mini has been presented with the new facelift since March 2021 with a 135 kW / 184 PS electric motor and extensive standard equipment including LED headlights, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, heating with heat pump technology, auxiliary heating, electric parking brake and connected navigation.

Based on the experience gained so far with the BMW i3 and the new emission-free drive, the electric mini appeals to a new clientele of buyers for small cars in the premium segment. With the facelift, some details were upgraded: "MINI has always stood for clever solutions and efficiency and is therefore also perfectly suited for electromobility," is the official statement by Bernd Körber, Head of the MINI brand. “Urban driving fun and locally emission-free mobility simply go together perfectly. And our customers feel that. "

The concept for the electric mini has worked so far. According to BMW, a total of 2021 31 units of the first fully electric MINI model had been delivered since its market launch last year by the end of June 034.

Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini
Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

Mini Cooper with sporty characteristics and agility

The characteristic basic concept with a large amount of space with compact external dimensions is retained. The sporty character is also underlined by the 184 hp electric motor. The torque of 270 Nm is available from the start and ensures a sporty acceleration from 0 to 60 km / h in 3,9 seconds and from zero to 100 km / h in 7,3 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 150 km / h, in view of the planned future limitation of the maximum speed, this value is well in line with the spirit of the times.

The chassis is based on a front single-joint strut axle and a multi-link rear axle. The electromechanical steering should guarantee steering precision and spontaneity when changing direction. The vehicle's center of gravity is 30 millimeters lower than that of the Mini Cooper SE due to the low-lying battery and enables its own dynamics when cornering. The traction control supports the driving characteristics in all road and weather conditions. A new feature is the wheel slip limitation close to the actuator, which is already used in the BMW “i3s”. It is primarily intended to avoid power understeer, a spinning of the drive wheels when accelerating out of bends and when starting off. The control process takes place directly in the drive and no longer via a remote control unit.

Four adjustable driving modes

A familiar scenario will also be found in the electric mini. The driving mode can be individually selected using a switch on the right-hand side of the toggle bar. In addition to the balanced standard setting "MID", there is of course also the "SPORT" mode with a more direct, responsive steering and a more agile electric drive.
If you value the greatest possible range or plan the route to the next fast charging station, you can switch to the resource-saving "GREEN" modes. The drive is geared towards maximum efficiency. With "GREEN +" comfort functions such as heating, air conditioning and seat heating are restricted or deactivated to increase the range.

One-pedal feeling in the Mini Cooper

The trend in electric vehicles is towards a solution for acceleration and braking processes using the accelerator pedal. The Mini relies on this solution, as soon as the foot is released from the accelerator, the vehicle decelerates noticeably. At this moment the electric motor takes over the task of a generator in overrun mode. It converts the kinetic energy into electricity and feeds this energy back into the high-voltage battery. In city traffic, this effect has the advantage that the car is decelerated appropriately even without the use of the braking system.
The efficiency of recuperation can be scaled on the Mini Cooper. In addition to the start-stop unit, the recuperation mode can be adjusted from intensive to light using a toggle switch.

Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini
Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

Digital instrument display

The Mini Cooper SE is equipped with a 5,5 inch color display. The driving speed is displayed in the form of digits and a circumferential scale band, which lights up in red (SPORT mode), white (MID) or green (GREEN and GREEN +) depending on the driving mode. The displays in the instrument cluster provide information on the charge status of the high-voltage battery, the currently selected MINI driving mode, the status of the driver assistance systems and check control messages. In addition, information about the available range, the current drive power, the outside temperature, the time and the mileage as well as messages from traffic sign recognition and high-guiding information from the navigation system are displayed.

The Mini Cooper SE can be charged via a conventional household socket, a wallbox or a public charging station using type 2 and CCS Combo plugs. The three-phase charging cable must be purchased separately. The battery capacity is 32,6 kWh gross. According to the manufacturer, a range of between 242 and 270 kilometers according to the NEDC (min./max.) Should be achievable under optimal conditions.

Heat pump as standard equipment

With the new Mini, emphasis is placed on a scalable air conditioning system. A 2-zone automatic air conditioning for the driver and front passenger can be regulated separately. A heat pump of the latest generation should achieve a correspondingly high level of efficiency.

When looking at the price list, the buyer has the choice between 4 equipment variants. The basic price for the Mini Cooper SE is 32.500 including basic equipment, the equipment packages can optionally be booked additionally. These additional packages are called TRIM. The “Essential Trim” with regard to the paintwork, 16-inch light alloy wheels and roof and exterior mirror caps in the vehicle color is already included in the basic equipment. With each additional level, the equipment packages become more extensive - there is a more generous selection with regard to the options for interior and exterior. The selection in the most extensive package already includes six color combinations with currently 7 different rims.

Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini
Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

Useful special equipment

But there is also the possibility to configure special accessories and equipment packages yourself. Sometimes it is worth taking a look at the useful and valuable equipment features. You can find our favorites here:

Adaptive LED headlights with Bi-LEDs for low and high beam function

If you want to save yourself the constant manual fading in and out and are often out and about at night, you should also book the automatic headlight range control including cornering lights for an extra charge of 400 euros. It has proven itself in our test drives.

Panoramic roof

For fans of fresh air, the electric two-part glass roof offers incomparable driving pleasure. For a surcharge of 1.000 euros, it is also a very valuable accessory when reselling the car.

Connected Navigation Plus

For technology freaks and digital nerds, the package includes some important enhancements for 900 euros. These include the XL display, wireless charging with telephone function, the concierge service and the practical head-up display.


In the premium small car segment, the electric Mini Cooper relies on high-quality technical equipment and a high degree of customization of the equipment. The electric car segment is growing continuously due to the funding scenarios in many European countries. The Mini Cooper SE will also be featured more frequently in the cityscape over the next few years.


Images - Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

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