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With the car ferry on vacation 2023

To get from A to B by car in Europe, there are often more relaxed ways than driving. The ferry connections, which are offered in abundance for many countries, are becoming increasingly popular when traveling in Europe. Simply park the car on the parking deck or leave it completely at home and enjoy your holiday on the ferry from the start - relaxed in a cabin or in a deck chair.

The range of ferry connections has increased, especially in the Scandinavian countries. Many shipping companies often offer the same routes - if you are well informed here, you can catch some bargains. Of course, the prices for the routes are broken down according to season, as is the case with holiday planning; however, the prices often vary according to the day of the week. And the vehicle you bring with you also plays a role in the price calculation: Of course, drivers of long and large cars have to pay more than drivers of small cars. At the shipping company DFDS Seaways, for example, there are two price categories for cars, depending on the height and length of the vehicle: <1,85 mx 5,0 m and <2,20 mx 6,0 m. Holidaymakers who travel by motorhome , face a similar price calculation, because here too the vehicle is divided into one of two different size categories.

If the travel date is already firmly planned, it is advisable to book the ferry connection in good time in order to be able to take advantage of any early booking discounts. Offers for the summer are often published in spring or winter - these can be booked out quickly, so it is important to make a decision here as well.
On some ferry connections, the crossing can be booked with a high-speed ferry. These have a higher price when booking, but thanks to a speed of up to 40 knots (74 km / h) the crossing usually only takes half as long as with a normal ferry.

Vacation with your dog - Copyright green car magazine
Vacation with your dog - Copyright green car magazine

Plan the route correctly

Once you have decided on a suitable route and a provider, in the case of long journeys you usually have to consider how the journey should be spent. For night trips, there are cabins that are offered in different comfort and price categories. The choice usually ranges from the classic 4-bed inside cabin with bunk beds on the lower deck to the luxurious outside cabin with a double bed. Those who want to save can certainly take the inside cabins - but of course the outside cabins offer more luxury and a view. Some shipping companies also offer inexpensive recliners for bargain hunters on their journeys, in which - similar to long-haul flights - they can spend the night.

On short routes, for example the trip from Sassnitz on Rügen to the Danish island of Rønne, passengers can spend the journey in the common rooms or enjoy the sea breeze on deck and admire the landscape. On the other hand, on the big cruise ferries, for example the Color Line from Kiel to Oslo, a cruise feeling is the order of the day: a large selection of restaurants, a cinema, bars or a wellness area await the passengers and let the holiday begin directly on the journey. After an overnight trip, having breakfast in the on-board restaurant and having a direct view of the sea is a highlight of the trip with the holiday ferries.


For pet owners, many ferry providers have offers for their four-legged friends. DFDS Seaways offers standard cabins on some ships in which dogs are allowed. Alternatively, the four-legged friend can also spend the crossing in a transport box in the dog hotel or in the vehicle.

Sometimes it is not absolutely necessary to take a car with you, but it is advantageous. Iceland in particular can be explored wonderfully by car or mobile home - most of the roads are paved and easily passable. In this way, corners can also be explored that are not on offer on guided tours. The drive to Iceland is not only very long, but also passes the Faroe Islands. These are also definitely worth a visit.

Going on vacation by ferry is a good idea for many reasons - but it is certainly more relaxed than a long car journey. When choosing the route, you now have to pay attention to offers and compare prices - then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday!

Tip: vacation in Iceland

It's best to travel with your own car. Iceland's roads are well developed and so the whole island can be explored by car. Various car packages can be booked via the Smyrill Line, the only ferry connection to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The various round trips also include a 1 or 2 week stay on the island. Of course, the island can also be explored on your own, for example on the ring road, which leads around the island and is 95 percent paved. Fantastic landscapes and waterfalls make the road trip in Iceland a real adventure.

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