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Mobility Trends 2021 - Copyright © Dusko -

Mobility trends 2021

A representative survey commissioned by Bosch, carried out in June 2020 by the market research institute INNOFACT, provides interesting details about the current and future car market in Europe. More than 2500 respondents from Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain took part in the survey. In the case of a current new purchase of a first car, more than half are currently in favor of a purely combustion engine, while the figure for a second car is still a third of all respondents. The prospects for the powertrain in the car for the future are more interesting

When asked about the type of drive for the year 2030, 68% of all respondents see electric drives first, ahead of hybrids and combustion engines. The state-granted subsidies for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are of particular interest at the moment. 70% of all respondents are currently also in favor of purchase premiums for cars with internal combustion engines. There are different views in the individual countries. In Italy 83% are in favor of this purchase incentive, in Germany, however, only 62%.

Some details on the amount of the expected subsidy for the combustion engine are also interesting. Around a third of those surveyed would like to have a subsidy of at least 9.000 euros for this, which is exactly the maximum amount of funding for electric cars in Germany. According to the survey, 72% of the city dwellers surveyed consider the combustion engine to be worthy of funding.

E-mobility trends 2021

Focus on trend towards individual mobility again

In view of the falling number of passengers in local public transport due to the Corona crisis, a trend towards individual mobility has come back into focus. For example, around 60% of those surveyed from Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain could not imagine doing without a car. In rural areas, due to the reduced availability of local transport, the rate is correspondingly higher, here it is 77%. With the younger generation of 18 to 29 year olds, having one's own car is becoming less important. Here the approval rate is only 50% of the survey participants.

Around 57,8 million passengers took off or landed at the 2020 largest airports in Germany in 24. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), that was 74,5% less than in the previous year.

Source: Statistisches BuNdESAMT 02.02.2021

The main reason for owning a car in Germany (61%) and Great Britain (47%) is greater flexibility. The French (41%) prefer it to get to work and in Italy (55%) the car is preferred to more cumbersome forms of mobility.

The survey results in detail show a clear trend towards purely electrically driven cars by 2030. According to Bosch expectations, a third of all cars will then be registered as electric cars.


Cover picture: Mobility Trends 2021 - Copyright © Dusko -

Sources: Bosch / INNOFACT

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