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Mobility apps 2018 - Here WeGo and Moovit


Moovit is a mobility app that specializes in local public transport. The app has been known for several years and, according to its own information, has more than 100 million users in over 1.800 cities. In Germany, 13 major cities (including Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund) are now supported - more are to follow according to the app operator.

The special thing about Moovit is the live navigation with exit notification for public transport: During the journey, the app accompanies the user in real time and can tell, for example, how many stations he has left on the S-Bahn before he has to get off. With the real-time departures of the buses, the user knows exactly when to be at the bus stop.
Rental bicycles can also be included in the route planning. The clear map function and, above all, the very clear route planning precisely show the individual stations and represent them very clearly. The menu function can also be used to show for individual cities whether and where a demo is taking place in the urban area. If you want to add stations, lines or timetables to the app, you can join the Mooviter Community.

The download function of network maps of the selected city is also very advantageous; the plans are also saved offline on the mobile phone. Traffic notifications or the traffic status can be displayed live in the app so that any obstructions can be easily recognized.
Moovit is a great app if you have decided on using public transport. The app currently supports (only) 13 major German cities - but it is constantly being expanded.

HERE WeGo - route planner and GPS

HERE WeGo is a practical app to find the right connection to a desired destination. In addition to local public transport, bike and car sharing services are also offered. The app is really easy to use and very clearly laid out. Cars from car sharing services can partly be reserved; Taxis can be called directly through the app.

First things first: no registration is required to use the app. There is no need to create a user account. However, this is recommended if a collection is to be created. The clear map function offers some really good extras, for example the display of shops in a shopping center or the departure times of certain trams or buses. The information display for public buildings, which is displayed when selected, is also great: photos, opening times or contact information as well as ratings are displayed to the user. There are also three different map views to choose from: the display via satellite, a local transport map, in which, for example, U- and S-Bahn are displayed or the traffic map, in which the current traffic is shown. However, this requires constant data transfer - advantageous: HERE WeGo also offers the option of downloading maps and then using them offline. However, it is advisable to only download map material that is actually required, as a large amount of storage space is required (map material Europe: 12.855,3 MB). The route planner is suitable for driving, walking or cycling.
Available taxis in the area can be easily viewed and easily selected. Car sharing services such as Car2Go are also displayed in the map view and can be reserved via the app.

We think: a really great mobility app. The only downer remains: Unfortunately, the respective tickets or orders cannot be paid for directly in the app, but only via the apps or websites of the providers, to which you can be redirected if you wish.


Article from the green car magazine.

Sources and images: Here WeGo / Moovit

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