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New Energy Husum 2017 - experience electromobility

Husum | Vehicles with alternative drive options have long ceased to be the invention of science fiction films. But so far the consumer has shied away from the high costs and short range of electric cars, even though the industry as a whole has perceived an interest among consumers. In the meantime, leading manufacturers have also recognized that the internal combustion engine in its current form may soon become obsolete. The trend points to a new age of mobility, because the technology of e-mobility is advancing with giant strides. The petrol station becomes a charging station and even sports cars rely on power from the socket.

The advantages are apparent. The vehicles are quiet, clean and inexpensive to maintain. The research and technology laboratories are in top form. Improvements in the range, an attractive design and a high level of driving comfort - including autonomous driving systems - should appeal to consumers. The signs are very good, as can also be seen at the New Energy in Husum. All well-known brands such as Renault, BMW, Tesla, Twizzy and others that are already looking to the future can be found at the specialist and consumer fair. Competent contact persons answer questions about acquisition, financing and suitability for everyday use or about the charging infrastructure. But the best thing is that almost all vehicles are also available for test drives on the exhibition grounds.

A highlight at New Energy Husum will be the Tesla Model X, which can be viewed. According to the manufacturer, it is the safest, most versatile and fastest sport utility vehicle (SUV) in history. Equipped with all-wheel drive as standard, it offers a range of up to 565 km and space for seven adults with luggage. With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3,1 seconds, the Model X is a real super sports car and, with its gullwing doors, is a real eye-catcher in the scene.

But the fair, which represents “the citizens' energy transition” like no other, also offers a lot of practical knowledge in lectures. The mayor of the municipality of Klixbüll, Werner Schweizer, will present his “Dörpsmobil” concept on Thursday (March 16.3). In a dialogue with Stefan Wiese from the GreenTec Campus in Enge-Sande, he reports on the successful e-car sharing project in his rural community. Marten Jensen, Gerhard Kühl and Stefan Wiese (all GreenTec Campus) report on all days of the fair and in various lectures what is already possible today in the field of e-mobility in the private sector, but also in local public transport. On Friday (March 17.3th), Ocke Jürs (Nordstrand holiday homes) and Axel Bertram (Womoland Norstrand) will show the opportunities that electric vehicles have for sustainable tourism and which projects they are already successfully implementing for their holiday guests.

Those who want to go even deeper can do so in the top-class lectures at the Watt_2.0 industry get-together. There, on March 16, Christian Hochfeld, Director of the Agora Verkehrswende, discussed with State Secretary Ingrid Nestle, Vice President Prof. Dr. – Ing. Klaus Lebert (Kiel University of Applied Sciences / Competence Center for Electromobility Schleswig-Holstein) and Ove Petersen, Managing Director of GP JOULE, talk about the challenges and ways to achieve a climate-friendly conversion of our entire transport system.

New techniques always bring new events to life. Ingo and Bettina Buck, organizers and inventors of the “Northern European E-Mobile Rally”, will talk about their preparations for the next edition of the race. For the first time there will be a separate special event for the 8th North European E-Mobile Rally in June 2017: At the “1. Driverless E-Mobil Rallye Deutschland “start normal vehicles against autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, depending on the level of autonomy. Anyone interested in the events or even considering taking part will find all the information and application documents here and can answer questions.

Visitors to New Energy Husum can look forward to a special feast for the eyes on Saturday (March 18.3), when around 50 different e-mobiles will flock to Husum from all directions to pick up the freshly baked crocus blossom queen at the inland port and drive with her to the exhibition grounds. There she will take a tour of the renewable energy trade fair to draw attention to this year's crocus blossom festival, which will be celebrated happily in downtown Husum until Sunday. A free bus shuttle from the exhibition grounds enables everyone who wants to enjoy the purple wonder of flowers around Husum Castle to get into the city without worrying about parking and of course with an extra helping of electric bus experience

Source: new energy / Messe Husum & Congress

At the trade fair you will receive a sample copy of the green car magazine at the trade press stands.

N. Hawthorn
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