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Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack

Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - The long-distance crossover

After the launch of the Nissan Leaf, Nissan took a good decade to present the new Ariya in the middle class in 2020 at the Yokohama Motor Show. It took even longer until the final start of production in 2022 due to delivery problems with semiconductor components. In the meantime, the competitors VW and Hyundai have already been able to place their competing models in this class. In the middle of the northern German winter, we were able to test the brand new Ariya extensively in the highest equipment variant, the Evolve Pack, in inhospitable conditions.

Based on the new scalable platform from the alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, the current Ariya can be ordered in four different configurations. Starting with the base model with front-wheel drive with 218 hp up to all-wheel drive with 306 hp. We tested the version with front-wheel drive and a 242 hp electric motor with a large battery pack with a capacity of 87 kWh. With a WLTP range of 524-533 km, this configuration is certainly the most interesting in terms of the important range argument.

Striking design

When design has Nissan Value is placed on a sleek and dominant appearance with pointed lines. At the front, the well-separated LED headlights dominate in the currently popular Boomerang version. Black accents are set with the smooth radiator grille and exterior mirrors as well as the flat 20-inch alloy wheels. The rear and the line from the trunk lid runs gently downwards in one sweep, as in the coupe. The electric crossover classification chosen by Nissan for the Ariya certainly reflects the zeitgeist. The BEV mobile unites the middle-class format with sufficient space as well as good clarity and variable usage options.

Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Info Display
Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Information Display

Experiences from electromobility also come to life in the interior. A tidy digital central display swings over to the information display with a gentle wave. And under the information display, all the essential controls for air conditioning can be reached easily and clearly via touch controls. A sensible symbiosis between digital and analogue operation has been implemented in an innovative and user-friendly manner.

Innovative interior

The comfortable and tightly padded seats in the front and on the rear seat bench are very successful. In terms of design and seating comfort, it is directly reminiscent of the zeitgeist of seating furniture in a modern diner. These seats invite you to take a longer journey in the Ariya. In addition, there is a generous foot space at the front, which is not interrupted by a classic center console, but leaves enough freedom for the feet. The compact console between the front seats can be fully adjusted forwards or backwards, depending on your personal taste. And under the storage area for the arm, the smartphone can be inserted directly into the charging slot.

Coupled via Bluetooth communication can then take place directly on the central display via Android Auto or Apple Carplay. After the one-time pairing, all essential apps can be controlled on the screen. The start is still required conventionally by button. Here the automated start is often already available from the competition, here opinions differ in the forums about the automated start process.

Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Head Up Display
Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Head Up Display

Once you have taken a seat, the charge status and the expected range can be read on the central display. With the fine adjustments to the air conditioning, the temperature and the release for the front or rear window heating, the range is corrected accordingly. We are pleasantly surprised after the first charging stop with 100% charge over the displayed 364 kilometers at minus 2 degrees outside temperature in January. That's something to be proud of for the start of the winter test. With the settings for the front seats, we noticed that tall people over 190 cm tall can have difficulties. The seat doesn't recline quite as far as some of the competition, and the panoramic sunroof takes up a lot of interior space and limits headroom.

driving style

While Nissan advanced to become one of the pioneers in the electric car market with the Leaf 13 years ago with a comparatively staid vehicle, the Ariya has matured into a competitor in the middle class segment. Farewell to CHAdeMOconnection and the consistent implementation of practicable solutions is also reflected in the chassis. The 242 hp electric motor works as quietly and calmly as clockwork, regardless of the speed. The bumps in the ground are gently ironed out and thanks to the low center of gravity it lies well in the curves.

Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Seat
Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Seat

On longer journeys, the head-up display is up to date with clearly legible information on speed and the automatic display of the maximum speed limit. With the reduction of the navigation information in a very lean and simple format, the relevant information is displayed in real time. With the activation of the adaptive cruise control, the set distances and speeds are also clearly presented here. The automatic adjustment of the maximum speed when changing the speed limit is practical in road traffic.

Relaxed gliding is the priority for the Ariya and it is therefore predestined for long-distance journeys or trips on vacation. With an acceleration of 7,6 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, it confirms the defensive character. The spacious trunk with the second smooth floor offers plenty of storage space. If you need more space, you can quickly fold down the split rear seat bench for bulky goods.

Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Good winter range
Nissan Ariya Evolve Pack - Good winter range

In the winter test in January, it particularly impressed with a respectable range of over 350 kilometers with consumers switched on. With development at Nissan, internal combustion engines can now be retired in the years to come. Nissan has already announced that the majority of research expenditures in the engine construction sector will only be used in the development of electric motors.


The Ariya is the warmblood in the herd of crossover models in the BEV mid-range segment. Compared to the competition, it sets distinctive characteristics in the interior design and is ideal for relaxed cruising with sophisticated assistance systems. With its long-distance range, it is predestined for long tours and sets its own course in the market.

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