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BladeGlider Presentation - Copyright Nissan

Nissan BladeGlider - European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

Nissan accelerates the promotion of the BladeGlider and presents the new Nissan brand ambassador for electric vehicles with Hollywood star Margot Robbie. In her first appearance as the new Nissan face, the actress drove the futuristic electric sports car study Nissan BladeGlider in a night race on the world-famous Grand Prix circuit in Monaco. The concept vehicle serves as an ambassador for the field of electric mobility.

According to Nissan, the focus is not only on the Nissan Leaf, but also on energy management with products such as xStorage Home, an energy storage system for private homes, and vehicle-to-grid technology, which turn electric cars into rolling energy providers.

Advantages of the electric car

When introducing Margot Robbie, Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles Nissan Europe, explained the concept: “The electric revolution is happening now. As the world's leading supplier of electric vehicles - and with the early acceptance of the mass market - it is extremely important that we make the advantages of an electric car clear: from energy efficiency to sustainability, from comfort to performance. With Margot we can reach even more people, to whom we can show the individual and social advantages of electric vehicles. "

Dunsmore continues: “For the Nissan platform #ElectrifyTheWorld it is extremely important that we all pull together so that we can set positive accents in our communities. We want to inspire people to take decisive steps towards cleaner and safer cities. "

The Nissan BladeGlider will be on display at the 87th Geneva Motor Show March 7-19. The fully electric sports car, which was initially presented as a concept vehicle in 2013, is the forerunner for a number of future technologies that combine intelligent mobility, sustainability and the performance potential of sports cars.

Source video, pictures and texts: Nissan

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