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Nissan e-NV200 with a better price / performance ratio

The Evalia has already proven to be consistently functional in the first test by green car magazine. It is still a practical cuboid on four wheels with a clear seating position for the driver. With the external dimensions of 1,85 m high and 4,56 m long, it doesn't have to fear the competition. Now Nissan is relying on even greater acceptance with the new price list. With the larger battery, prices start at 28.660 euros net and there is a limited "2.ZERO" edition.

Longer range and quick charging

The new 40 kWh battery increases the range by over 60 percent to up to 280 kilometers (NEDC driving cycle) per battery charge, according to the manufacturer. The charging times are now also more practical and are around 40 minutes up to 80% of the battery capacity on a fast charger with CHAdeMO connection. Fleet customers expect a cheaper car version. The Nissan e-NV35.098 in the station wagon version, which can be ordered now at prices from 200 euros net, has functional equipment and a passenger compartment for up to seven occupants.

As already described, the concept of the vehicle is designed for local and delivery traffic. This is complemented by stable straight-line stability, responsive steering and a very compact turning circle when maneuvering the Evalia. Due to the larger and heavier battery pack in the vehicle floor, the center of gravity is significantly lower than that of the conventionally motorized sister models. Compared to them, the incline in the curves is less, but the weight disadvantage noticeably diminishes agility.

Nissan Evalia e-NV200 - Copyright Nissan
Nissan Evalia e-NV200 - Copyright Nissan

Entry-level combination e-NV200

The entry-level Nissan e-NV200 Kombi is limited to the basics: In contrast to the high-quality Evalia car variant (from 36.498 euros net), for example, painted bumpers, exterior mirrors and door handles are dispensed with, transparent rear windows replace the privacy glazing. As with the panel van, there are two wing doors at the rear, and an upward-opening tailgate is standard equipment. The 15-inch steel rims with wheel covers are a bit small, but are designed for robust everyday use.

The traditional 80 kW (109 hp) electric motor is still in use. Useful accessories, which are also popular with used car sales, can be found in the very clear price list. In colder regions, emphasis is placed on the winter package. It includes heated seats, heated steering wheel, heated and electric exterior mirrors for a net surcharge of 250 euros.

If you often use your smartphone in your car, you should definitely order a practical and 360 ° swiveling smartphone holder for 27 euros or a tablet holder for 42 euros. Two additional individual seats in the third row, which can be individually folded up to the side, add up to a net surcharge of 670 euros.

Conclusion e-NV200

As in the previous version, the preferred area of ​​application of the Nissan e-NV is short-haul and delivery traffic. With the larger battery, it is ideal for use as a transporter or as a minibus in the taxi industry. Its advantages lie in the practical handling during loading and unloading and due to the compact dimensions when driving in the city on narrow streets and alleys. For the future it can win a lot more fans like its little brother Leaf if a more powerful engine and a larger battery pack are offered.


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