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Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

Opel Corsa with electric drive from 2020

Opel is currently preparing the completely renewed sixth generation of the Corsa for the future. After the rather bumpy start into electromobility with the Bold offshoot of General Motors as Ampera e, the new Corsa with an electric drive variant with 100 kW (136 hp) power and an announced WLTP range of 330 kilometers will be launched in 2020 walk.

Corsa with tradition

The Opel Corsa has blossomed into a popular small car since its premiere in 1982. With over 13 million cars sold, it is now part of everyday life on the streets. In a few weeks, the first sixth generation Corsa-e can be pre-ordered. Then the petrol and diesel variants will follow.

Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA
Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

City Stromer

With its target range of 330 kilometers, the five-seater is in direct competition with the Nissan Leaf or the Renault ZOE under optimal conditions. With a 50 kWh battery and a quick charge connection, it is definitely ready for rapid charging within 30 minutes under optimal conditions up to a charge capacity of 80%. The battery comes with an 8 year guarantee. The charging status can be checked with an app provided,

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