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Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

Opel Corsa with electric drive from 2020

Range control via the speed steps

Comparable with the competing models, the driving levels Eco, Normal and Sport should influence the range. So, depending on your own taste, you should be able to choose freely between sporty driving behavior with high energy consumption down to ECO mode as an energy saver. This can be helpful, especially when driving to the next fast charging station. In sporty driving mode, the Opel Corsa, equipped with a maximum torque of 260 Newton meters and 136 horsepower, should manage the sprint from 0 to 100 in 8,1 seconds. The driving dynamics are therefore sufficient for city and long-distance traffic.

Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA
Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

Lower roof line

The Corsa remains at a total length of 4,06 meters, but the roof line is 48 mm lower. However, according to Opel, this should not affect the headroom. The driver should sit 28 mm lower than the current model. The lower roof line and the lower center of gravity of the Corsa are said to have improved driving dynamics and behavior. The new interior should be upgraded with a digital cockpit and leather seats.

The most important technical changes

Opel is expanding the range of assistance systems in the Corsa and is offering an adaptive and glare-free LED matrix light for the first time in the small car segment. The new lighting system works with eight LED elements that are controlled by a high-resolution front camera. The light beam is automatically and continuously adapted to the respective traffic situation and environment.

Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA
Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

The available assistance systems have been expanded. Traffic sign recognition now also collects information from dynamic LED displays. The saved speed limits are also shown in the display. The speed can now be controlled adaptively with radar support and there is a sensor-controlled flank protection. A blind spot warning is offered as well as various parking aids.


Opel is equipping the Corsa with a new infotainment offer. There are two equipment lines, a multimedia navigation system with a 7-inch color touchscreen and a higher-quality 10-inch color touchscreen with the "Opel Connect" telematics service. It includes live navigation with real-time traffic information as well as a direct link to roadside assistance and an emergency call.

The full-bodied statement according to the Opel press release with the Opel Corsa "to free electric mobility from its niche existence" seems a bit strange. Because initially there is only one announced E variant. And later, reference will also be made to the more diverse petrol and diesel variants that are also offered in the program.


Sources: Opel / PSA

Photos: Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

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