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Polestar Space in Oslo - Copyright Volvo Cars Polestar

The e-car boom is faltering in Norway

The e-car boom in Norway has brought very different winners into focus among manufacturers. The manufacturer, which can deliver electric cars in the premium segment, is at the top of the registration statistics because of the high tax savings. The market is very dynamic, and high-quality electric cars are in demand.


Travel with the E‑PACE R‑DYNAMIC PHEV SE 2023

Jaguar is on the way to phasing out the combustion engine by 2025. In addition to the I-Pace as a purely electric car, the current model range also includes the Jaguar E-Pace as a plug-in hybrid. As a heavy SUV, it achieves a system output of 309 hp thanks to downsizing to the three-cylinder engine and the electric motor. Despite a total weight of a good 2,2 tons, it travels quickly on our test drives in winter 2023.

Prototype Sono Sion - Copyright Sono Motors

Death or gladioli - Sono Motors says goodbye to the Sion

Hardly any other project in electric car development has been reported over so many years as the announced solar car from Sono Motors in Munich. It all started with many promises for a completely newly designed and cost-effective solar electric car. Over the last few years, people have gradually said goodbye to the inexpensive electric car for the city.

New regulations for child seats - symbol - © Friends Stock -

Traveling with the right child seat

If child seats are to be approved on the European market, they must meet a certain standard that ensures that children are safely transported in the car. The expert organization Dekra describes the dangers that children can experience in car accidents at 50 km / h as an enormous burden. The old standard for child seats has been around since 1993; this is constantly being developed. Since September 2017, the latest regulation ECE R 129 i-Size has been supplementing the standard that has been in force since 2005 for the new approval of child seats, which results in some changes. If you take children with you in the car, you should also think about a suitable child seat.

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