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Start from the diesel vehicle. Source: © Ingo Bartussek @

Then I switch off - the "thermal window" in the car

The term “thermal window” actually exudes some positive attributes such as energy saving, comfort and environmental protection. In connection with the internal combustion engine, however, the signs are quite different. Every modern car is equipped with an outside temperature sensor that informs us in good time of possible slippery roads. At the same time, the current temperature value is also transmitted to the engine control in the combustion engine in order to control optimal combustion and to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. According to an EU directive, the legislature has so far allowed manufacturers to ... Continue reading "Then I switch off - the "thermal window" in the car

Toyota Prius "Comfort"

Practical test of the Toyota Prius "Comfort"

Toyota says it has already sold over 3,5 million copies of the Prius worldwide. Decisive purchase arguments are the low consumption and the high wear resistance. Opinions differ on the design: The wedge-shaped appearance with the striking geometric shapes is probably a matter of taste. The fourth generation has grown by 4 centimeters and offers more interior space and a larger trunk volume thanks to the battery placed under the rear seat bench. We are testing the "Comfort" equipment variant. At the latest when you get into the Prius ... Continue reading "Practical test of the Toyota Prius "Comfort"

Fiat Panda side view

Fiat Panda 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural Power Lounge in a practical test

Fiat will stick with internal combustion engines in 2017 as well. As an option, the manufacturer relies on the natural gas variant in the simple Panda small car as an energy-saving concept. Driven by a two-cylinder with 875 cm3 displacement, the engine is more like a motorcycle. Here, however, with an empty weight of 1.155 kg plus the driver, completely different masses have to be moved and completely different prices have to be paid. With our lounge equipment, that's a proud list price of 15.690 euros. Is the high purchase price worth it? The panda,… Continue reading "Fiat Panda 0.9 8V TwinAir Natural Power Lounge in a practical test

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Innovative strength of the global automobile manufacturer

As part of the ongoing studies on the development of global markets in the field of electromobility, Professor Dr. Stefan Bratzel published the current study "Electromobility in international comparison" on December 14.12.2016th, 5 from the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach. We present some of the results of the study. A comparison of the innovative strength of the automobile manufacturers According to the study, the manufacturers Tesla and Renault have the best ... Continue reading "Innovative strength of the global automobile manufacturer

Smart relies on electric drive. Copyright stockWERK @

eMOBILITY WORLD at the spring fair on Lake Constance

With the eMOBILITY WORLD, another special show about the visions of sustainable mobility will take place within the IBO. In an exposed location in the East Foyer, the exhibitors show which alternative drives will bring us from A to B in the future. Get to know the E-models from Nissan, Renault and the TESLA Model X and experience the electric driving experience in the FUN-Parcours in the open-air area east for yourself. Whether with an electric bicycle, scooter, kart, Segway or futuristic hoverboard ... Continue reading "eMOBILITY WORLD at the spring fair on Lake Constance

Lucid Air - Images: © Lucid Motors

Performance, luxury, passion - Lucid Air

The answer to Tesla's successful launch of high-quality electric cars is start-up Lucid Motors. California remains the nucleus for the finest electromobility. There are many entrepreneurs here in Silicon Valley who can afford high-quality luxury automobiles. If you can pay the sumptuous purchase price, the manufacturer promises a powerful electric luxury liner with opulent performance and an attractive range. With the state purchase bonus of up to 10.000 US dollars, the buyer is lured. The role models Apple or ... Continue reading "Performance, luxury, passion - Lucid Air

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