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Mobility between tree and bark

Electromobility trend -Copyright rh2010 -
Electromobility trend -Copyright rh2010 –

With the pandemic, mobility behavior has changed massively in the last two years. The increased energy prices are only a reflection of long-suppressed realities. The climate crisis and factors such as the scarcity of raw material resources require a massive rethinking of one's own mobility behavior. Will the home office become the standard workplace of tomorrow?

There are a few Trends, which will probably be unstoppable in the coming years. These primarily include the rising prices for energy, raw materials and the cost of living. The world markets are struggling with increasing risks on the procurement markets. With regard to mobility, in the times of the pandemic, cars were a potential shelter and also the medium in the field of travel and vacations.

The rapid increase in energy prices is currently causing further disruptive processes. A current study by Continental confirms that almost half of Germans already assume that the future of mobility will be electric. More than half of those surveyed stated that they could no longer afford to drive if the price of petrol reached 2,80 euros per liter.

Which trends determine the implementation of the electric mobility? What Electric Cars set the milestones for the future? which Technologies prevail?

We keep our finger on the pulse of electromobility for you.

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