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Moteg - startup with a focus on electromobility

The young start-up company Moteg from Flensburg has only been on the market for two years. It was able to establish itself in the trend industry of e-mobility in a short time, because founder Dr. As a former development manager for electric motors at Danfoss, Siegfried Götz is no novice. With professional experience and extensive knowledge in the field of electromobility with him, he founded his own engineering office Moteg. The construction of a production site for electric motors in the region is planned for this year. Hereinafter… Continue reading "Moteg - startup with a focus on electromobility

Rimac Concept One - Copyright Rimac Automobili

Rimac Concept_One model year 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show

Rimac Automobili comes from the world of car racing. The first car that rolled out of founder Mate Rimac's small garage was the Rimac eM E30. A converted BMW 3 Series, built in 1986, served as the basis for countless systems and was used by Mate Rimac to set five Guinness and FIA world records for electric cars. Since Rimac Automobili uses the synergy between engineers from different companies and departments, a high degree of optimization is made possible in all areas. With the… Continue reading "Rimac Concept_One model year 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show

ID Buzz - Copyright Volkswagen Media

Volkswagen ID Buzz - European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

The ID Buzz study from Volkswagen will celebrate its European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19). The new Elektrovan study is the second model in the ID series and provides an outlook towards the future - it shows that the MEB modular electrification kit is particularly suitable for large vehicles: Batteries and drive are housed in the floor, above which drivers can find and Passengers have plenty of room to travel. The Geneva Salon is already the third stop for the ID Buzz. ... Continue reading "Volkswagen ID Buzz - European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

BladeGlider Presentation - Copyright Nissan

Nissan BladeGlider - European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

Nissan accelerates the promotion of the BladeGlider and presents the new Nissan brand ambassador for electric vehicles with Hollywood star Margot Robbie. In her first appearance as the new Nissan face, the actress drove the futuristic electric sports car study Nissan BladeGlider in a night race on the world-famous Grand Prix circuit in Monaco. The concept vehicle serves as an ambassador for the field of electric mobility. According to Nissan, the focus should not only be on the Nissan Leaf, but also on energy management with products such as xStorage ... Continue reading "Nissan BladeGlider - European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell - Image Source: Honda

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

The Clarity Fuel Cell is the world's first series fuel cell vehicle in which the drive is completely located in the engine compartment. By reducing the size of the fuel cell stack by 33 percent, the fuel cell vehicle offers a spacious interior for 5 people. With a range of up to 589 kilometers, the Clarity Fuel Cell achieves the highest range rating of an electric vehicle without a combustion engine according to the EPA (USA). The high range results from the low fuel consumption of 109 kilometers / liter in the combined cycle. The design… Continue reading "Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Trade fair logo new energy 2017

New Energy Husum 2017 - experience electromobility

Husum | Vehicles with alternative drive options have long ceased to be the invention of science fiction films. But so far the consumer has shied away from the high costs and short range of electric cars, even though the industry as a whole has perceived an interest in the consumer. In the meantime, leading manufacturers have also recognized that the internal combustion engine in its current form may soon become obsolete. The trend points to a new age of locomotion, because the technology of e-mobility is advancing with giant strides ... Continue reading "New Energy Husum 2017 - experience electromobility

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