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Mobility apps in the everyday test - Image source: @

Mobility apps for everyday life

In order to find the most comfortable, fastest or cheapest way to a destination, one needs either a good knowledge of the traffic routes or a suitable aid. The variety of transport options is huge - and often you don't even know the options. Mobility apps are supposed to shed light on this, but the apps themselves are often confusing or simply not up to date. We present four apps that are suitable from our point of view for navigating to your destination and explain ... Continue reading "Mobility apps for everyday life

Charging station funding program - Image source stockWERK @

March 1, 2017 - Starting signal for the federal charging infrastructure program

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure gives the green light for the program to promote the charging infrastructure, the starting signal will be given on March 01st, 2017. In an FAQ, the most important points of the 300 million euro funding program for the development of the charging infrastructure are briefly asked and Answers summarized. Who is allowed to submit applications and to what extent is funding available? There are many details to consider before a charging point with funding can be put into operation. Frequent questions and answers from the point of view of ... Continue reading "March 1, 2017 - Starting signal for the federal charging infrastructure program

Toyota Prius - image source Toyoto

Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

The second generation of the Prius plug-in takes the company a further step in the direction of reducing CO2 fleet emissions. In the further development of the Prius, Toyota took into account change requests from customers who were able to gain experience with the first generation of the Prius plug-in. The fourth generation - for the first time with a solar roof The new Prius combines two technical world premieres: A solar roof to extend the range has been developed, as has a heat pump that air-conditioners the passenger compartment before starting the journey. The… Continue reading "Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

Big Cat Eyes Copyright Eric Gevaert @ fotolia.caom

Jaguar - The cat starts purring

Jaguar signals the entry into electric mobility. Jaguar presents the new I-Pace Concept at the LA Auto Show. Jaguar puts a 4,67 m long and 1,89 m wide electric car on the catwalk in the form of an SUV. With the help of a 50kW direct current connection, the battery should be charged up to 90% within 80 minutes and 120% within 100 minutes according to Jaguar. The market launch is scheduled for 2018. Technical details With two electric motors ... Continue reading "Jaguar - The cat starts purring

Electric car with battery pack Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

Recuperation - the range saver?

In both electric and hybrid vehicles, one comes across the word recuperation again and again ”. This word, which sounds so technical and complicated, is a real energy saver in real life, as it helps to significantly increase the range of electric and hybrid vehicles. The term recuperation comes from the Latin “recuperare” (= to regain) and means the recovery of energy that would otherwise be lost. This energy recovery can be applied to mechanical and electrical energy as well as to thermal energy ... Continue reading "Recuperation - the range saver?

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron in a practical test

With the Sportback e-tron, Audi is bringing what it claims to be the first Audi model with a plug-in hybrid drive. The well-known 1.4 TSFI engine, which has an output of 110 kW (150 hp), is combined with an electric motor that produces 75 kW. When coupled, this gives a system output of 150 kW (204 hp) for a sporty driving style. The electric motor is fed by a lithium-ion battery with 8,8 kWh, which was installed under the rear seat bench. Audi states that the charging time at a 380 V three-phase connection is just over 2 hours. ... Continue reading "Audi A3 Sportback e-tron in a practical test

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