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Nissan Leaf Tekna 2016

According to the manufacturer, the Nissan Leaf, with 200.000 units already sold, is an electric car that is used relatively frequently in practice. After our test in the first edition, we take a look at the improved range and the new model maintenance measures in the Tekna equipment variant. At first glance, the Nissan Leaf is an unmistakable representative of the compact class. The striking headlights and an idiosyncratic design stand out pleasantly from the smoothly ironed European mainstream. Furthermore, Nissan relies on ... Continue reading "Nissan Leaf Tekna 2016

Electric vehicles from the EQ product brand from Mercedes-Benz

According to its own information, Mercedes-Benz intends to produce the first series models of the new EQ product brand in Bremen. The chairman of the board, Dieter Zetsche, once again emphasizes the Bremen production location. The production model should obviously be based on the EQ show car and obviously achieve a range of up to 500 km. The product brand EQ is an elementary part of the corporate strategy for the mobility of the future, which is summarized under the term CASE. The four letters stand for the strategic pillars of networking (Connected), autonomous ... Continue reading "Electric vehicles from the EQ product brand from Mercedes-Benz

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

The SUV cars are clearly the trendsetters in the German car market. Almost every third car is now ordered from new cars in this segment and there is no end in sight for a long time to come. This is also clearly noticeable in the sports car manufacturer Porsche. The almost five-meter-long Cayenne ranks ahead of the classic 911 and the Boxster / Cayman in sales statistics. As a plug-in e-hybrid, it can - charged with a capacity of around 11 kWh - ... Continue reading "Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

The inventors of the "Fördeöffner" - The Rauteck company

As part of the JUNIOR competition of the Institute of German Business, 24 students from the Jungmannschule Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein founded the student company Rauteck (Recycled Auto Parts Eckernförde). With their idea of ​​the “Fördeopener” - a bottle opener made from the tongue of discarded seat belts - the students became state and national winners of the competition and ultimately also won the European championship. The bottle opener, which is made from recycled car parts, is not the only product from Rauteck. So both different versions of the opener ... Continue reading "The inventors of the "Fördeöffner" - The Rauteck company

Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

One of the first plug-in hybrid SUVs in the world has been on sale in Germany two years ago with an idiosyncratic concept. A 2 hp petrol engine is supported by two electric motors installed at the front and rear. Since the visual revision, improvements have been made to the chassis and steering as well as in the area of ​​noise reduction. How does the drive concept prove itself in everyday life? A spacious vehicle interior offers space and plenty of headroom for 120 adults. For the driver ... Continue reading "Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid

Electric power on two wheels - Zero Motorcycles

Zero DSR sports drivers should get their money's worth with the Zero DSR. The robust version of the ZERO DS puts all its predecessors in the shade. Compared to older models, the DSR scores with 56 percent more torque and 25 percent more power. Breathtaking acceleration and great off-road capability make the DSR one of the most versatile electric motorcycles in the world. With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3,9 seconds, the torque of ... Continue reading "Electric power on two wheels - Zero Motorcycles

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