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Needit Park Mini - The electronic parking disc

Park and Go – The legally compliant electronic parking disc

Some gadgets are forgotten after just a few days and then end up lost and forgotten in the basement or in the attic. The electronic parking meter eliminates this shortcoming immediately, it is stuck directly from the inside to the windshield and lasts the life of the car as a silent butler for parking processes with the parking disc. The traditional parking disc made of cardboard or plastic has thus had its day.

Some cars already have a mechanical solution with a parking disc attached from the inside that is adjusted by the drivers. Needit's digital solution also does this work for the drivers. A digital clock is coupled with a motion sensor and automatically adjusts to the legally permitted arrival time after parking. The simple technology works in accordance with the law after arrival, the digital display of the arrival time is correctly rounded up to the next half hour.

Save fines with the parking disc

The Needit parking disc should not be completely ignored. Finally, it is pointed out in the operating instructions that the manufacturer does not reimburse any fines for parking fees. So you definitely have to take care of setting the time to the minute and the calendar date correctly during commissioning. This requires a little patience and is one of the few preparations for daily use after a successful setting.

Automatic adjustment of the parking disc

A degreasing cloth for the glass pane is included in the packaging for attachment to the windscreen using adhesive strips. Important for a future battery change is to open the battery compartment parking meter to be fastened with sufficient distance to the dashboard. The air vents should also not be blocked to ensure a clear view if the windows fog up from the inside.

The electronic parking discs from the Danish manufacturer Needit are available in three sizes from the very compact mini version as thick as a thumb to the micro version and the large Park Lite version. For legally compliant use in Germany, a type approval must be clearly legible from the outside. A 24-hour time specification with a line height of at least two centimeters must be available. In addition, the white letter “P” must appear on a blue background.


If you want to make things a little easier in the city's forest of parking signs, you can use the electronic parking disc to automate all settings and at the same time use the maximum permitted parking time.


Practical test autumn 2020

Cover picture: Needit Park Mini - The electronic parking disc

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