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Golf GTE - Copyright green car magazine

Practical test Golf GTE

Volkswagen is fighting with many new hybrid models for a better brand image after the emissions scandal. This undoubtedly also includes the Golf GTE, which has been redesigned with a facelift. What about the range and consumption values ​​in practice? We are testing the current version of the sporty Golf variant with 204 PS (150 kW) system output.

Upgraded standard equipment

Externally, the one opposite to the e-Golf can be seen on the bumper with air inlets in a wave-shaped look. Chrome-plated GTE logos identify it as a dual-drive car - supported by a cool blue neon look. LED headlights and taillights are integrated as standard. As usual, the interior design and the feel are typically in the Golf style; the sports seats with good lateral support are comfortable, easy to adjust and have heated seats for the cooler days. The Volkswagen group is increasingly relying on safety and assistance systems, which can then only be serviced in specialist workshops. The infotainment system "Composition Media" with an eight-inch touch display are just as much part of the equipment of our vehicle as adaptive cruise control and a system for pedestrian detection, which in our practical test also clearly intervened when a passer-by said he simply crossed the street have to. Many controls for the telephone, the display settings and the adaptive cruise control are integrated in the multifunction steering wheel, including the gearshift paddles for the transmission. The digital speedometer display can be designed individually according to your own requirements. Whether vehicle data or the navigation system should be integrated can be configured according to your own requirements.

Golf GTE - Copyright green car magazine

Golf GTE - Copyright green car magazine

Charging and hybrid drive

The charging socket is hidden behind the VW logo below the bonnet. The fastener opens with a slight pressure on the logo. The complete charging process takes at least 2 hours, depending on the connection. The vehicle is therefore intended to be charged overnight at the socket in the carport or in the garage. Then both the electric motor with 102 PS (75 kW) and the 1,4-liter TSI engine with 150 PS (110 kW) are available for the sporty version of the Golf. From a standstill, the GTE sprints from 7,6 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds and seals off at the top speed of 222 km / h. The Golf, which is designed for long-distance journeys, accelerates quickly and can be adjusted and used according to your own ideas, from economical to sporty. With the help of the battery, up to 50 kilometers can be driven purely electrically in summer, which is definitely enough for commuting to work in city traffic. As with all other Golf variants, the GTE can be described with the following characteristics: economical cockpit and interior, rock-solid chassis and driving behavior on fast and winding roads as well as sophisticated interplay between the drives.

The control of the units, including the automatic start-stop, remains discreetly in the background. In the touch display, the Golf can be configured to the desired driving mode electric drive, hybrid drive or battery charging while driving. At the push of a button near the automatic selector lever, you can switch directly to the more agile GTE mode. The color-coordinated blue-colored brake calipers for the disc brakes ensure short braking distances and visible recuperation processes.
In cooperation with the navigation system, a decision is made independently on the basis of the route data to switch off the combustion engine and switch to pure electric mode. The so-called “predictive hybrid strategy” is easy to experience at the transition from the country road to the town entrances.

Golf GTE - Copyright green car magazine

Golf GTE - Copyright green car magazine

The standard consumption of 1,6 liters of premium gasoline specified in the brochure is of course not realistic in practice. To do this, the GTE would have to be recharged every 100 kilometers via the plug-in connector and driven according to test conditions. In the practical test, 4 to 5 liters of premium gasoline can be achieved in the hybrid mode in summer operation and in the GTE mode 7 to 9 liters are realistic for a very sporty driving style. The relatively high dead weight of 1.615 kg according to the EEC guideline guarantees a good road holding, but also an adapted consumption in practice.

Assistance and security systems

While many assistance systems used to be subject to a surcharge, some details in the GTE basic package are part of the standard equipment. The drowsiness assistant, which has recently been advertised frequently, is intended to encourage the driver to take a break in good time. The adaptive cruise control up to 210 km / h, including environment monitoring and pedestrian detection with emergency braking system, are also included. The base price for the GTE is 36.900 euros. As a plug-in hybrid, it is included in the funding for the environmental bonus.

Prices and accessories Golf GTE

The accessories price list is just as extensive as the equipment variants of the Golf. Individualization can be advanced here to a large extent. We took a look around the price list and picked out useful details that prove valuable when reselling.

Volkswagen is currently offering a comprehensive warranty extension to 2017 years up to 5 km of mileage until the end of 100.000. The package costs 199 euros once instead of the usual 779 euros. This can save you from expensive repair costs.

Before looking at the price list with each individual item, it is worth taking a look at the special equipment packages with cooperating accessories, which are then worthwhile in the package price. The comfort package is particularly interesting here: it includes the park pilot with optical and acoustic warning signals when parking and leaving a parking space and a complete winter package with heated washer nozzles, headlight cleaning system and heated front seats for 793,20 euros.

The expansion to DAB + radio reception is also interesting for maintaining value. The range of digital offers is continuously being expanded and it is a constant companion on daily trips by car. The surcharge is 195 euros and enables noise-free reception, which is particularly interesting for listeners to classical music.


The Golf GTE is definitely one of the sporty variants among the hybrid vehicles. With a safe chassis, agile acceleration values ​​and safely tackling brakes, it is definitely one of the benchmarks in the compact car class. Due to the high weight and the different driving modes, the practical consumption values ​​are heavily dependent on the personal driving style.


Article from the green car magazine issue V / 2017

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