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Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA - Copyright green car magazine

Practical test Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA

Nissan has been producing the Eletro-Bulli e-NV2013 EVALIA since 200
Large capacity van in the Spanish Nissan plant in Barcelona. One reason for the production location was certainly that within Barcelona to New York and London the car was introduced as a fully electric taxi alongside the versions with internal combustion engines. The car has a few outstanding features for this use as a five-seater panel van with an opulent load volume, which actually predestines it as a family, team or sports van. We look at the details in the test.

The e-NV200 EVALIA cannot deny its origin. It's a utility vehicle
with a length of 4,56 meters and a width of 2,01 meters and a correspondingly spacious interior. Once seated, this impression continues in the interior design. All the necessary operating elements are designed and arranged soberly and objectively. The seats have been designed in a simple and formal manner following the function and the storage options are simple
Placed only for contingencies. The main focus here is clearly
To drive from A to B or to transport goods.

Interior Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA - Copyrgiht green car magaziner

Interior Nissan e-NV200 EVALIA - Copyrgiht green car magaziner

Consistently practical

With regard to the original transport task, the Nissan brings all its advantages into play. It starts with the low entry heights to the front seats and the rear bench. Nobody has to do the big lunge to get in or out of here. Placed comfortably low, the entrance is child-friendly and for
to cope with the older generation without assistance. For families with children, the rear sliding doors are functional when getting in and out. However, there is still no information for the driver that they are really closed before the journey begins. The rear area is easy to clean as the storage options on the folding surfaces with drinking cup holders are made entirely of plastic. the
Loading areas are smooth and large. Entire bicycles, strollers or surfboards can be stowed easily and safely here. This is where the
low rear loading sill that is only approx. 45 cm above the ground
Offers additional cargo options.

Shopping carts can be pushed right into the hold and easily unloaded.
With the low entry height, the transporter is also ideal for transporting dogs. A massive loading flap that opens upwards is correspondingly long and requires a correspondingly large amount of space to open.

The loading options

The large-capacity van is similar to the much more compact and lighter Nissan Leaf with the same motorization and battery size. This is a 109 hp electric motor coupled with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery. And here lies the real problem with regard to range and suitability for everyday use.
If all additional consumers are switched off, you can cover around 150 kilometers in ECO mode with a fully charged battery with defensive driving behavior in a temperature range between +5 and +15 ° C. Before you start, you can turn on the air conditioning for a test, the range reduces that to 120 kilometers and the feeling of being with you remains
charged battery to drive on reserve. In winter when the temperature is below zero
this becomes a test of nerves, as the range changes again here
reduced by half. Accordingly, the decision stands and falls for
or against a purchase primarily with the personal charging infrastructure
in the environment. The routes should only be close by and the car
are charged overnight at home, the purpose is fulfilled. In
The battery can be fully charged at the domestic socket for a good 10 hours
will. A so-called wallbox in the household reduces the charge
even only for 7 hours.


On medium or long-haul routes, the charging infrastructure would have to be available along the route and a corresponding time cushion would have to be brought along. After all, with existing CHAdeMO DC quick charging stations, up to 80 percent of the battery capacity can be charged within 30 minutes. Finding the charging stations is made easier by the real-time simulation "Carwings".
All publicly accessible charging stations including current availability
are displayed and can be controlled via the navigation system.


The e-NV200 can be used optimally in the city and local traffic, that is, as it is currently used in the taxi industry in Barcelona. The plus points are primarily in the versatile loading space and the practical deep entrances and loading sills. We are allowed to go to the next model maintenance measures
from Nissan with a significant increase in the range for the electric
Bulli be curious. Then the user group will grow accordingly.


Source: Pictures and practical test from the green car magazine issue III / 2017.

You can find more information and a practical test in the print edition by subscription at



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