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'Renault ZOE Bose Edition

Practical test Renault ZOE Bose Edition 2018

In the small electric car segment, the Renault Zoé with its large battery pack currently offers the best range alongside the current Nissan Leaf. By increasing the battery pack to 41 kWh, according to the manufacturer, 400 km can be achieved under optimal conditions. This has also caused the market share of new registrations to skyrocket last year, because the Zoé is one of the most popular electric cars.

The electric cars with an achievable range of over 300 km in good conditions are the clear favorites among new cars with purely electric drive. In addition to the premium provider Tesla, BMW with the i3 and the new Renault Zoé in particular benefit from the registration figures. Technically, the Zoé comes from French production and is based primarily on the platform of the discontinued Renault Modus. The new 41 kWh battery pack uses the same space as the weaker battery and is around 20 kg more weight.

Renault ZOE Bose Edition
Renault ZOE Bose Edition

A more powerful electric motor with now 68 kW (92 PS) is also pleasing. As before, the top speed is electronically restricted to 135 km / h. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is very moderate with 13,2 seconds. The torque of 220 Nm is available between 250 and 3.000 rpm. Trailer operation is not intended. The charging processes can be processed quickly at the new fast charging stations; In our tests, we were able to recharge the batteries in a good hour on the 50 kW columns.

A look at the new price list

The Bose Edition is a special equipment package in the price list for the Renault Zoé. For exactly 6.000 euros surcharge compared to the basic equipment, there is a whole equipment package including R-Link with the Bose sound system, digital radio DAB + m ZE 40 battery (instead of a 22 kWh battery), leather upholstery in brown with heated seats in the front, driver's seat with manually adjustable lumbar support, 16-inch alloy wheels and its own design package. The Zoé has an app for precise travel planning, with which charging stations, charging times and technical details can be read. One of the delicacies, for example, is to set the interior temperature using the app before setting off. The overall Bose Edition package is aimed at customers who, in addition to the greater range, also appreciate the digital sound in the quiet car. The interior is functional and soberly equipped with the hard plastic surfaces. The price for the complete package with the “Intense” package and the Bose edition costs a total of 37.900 euros. How much air there is in the list price can be seen in Renault's generous campaign. There is currently an impressive 5.000 euros discount. This includes the state share of 2.000 euros and 3.000 euros on the part of the manufacturer (as of December 2017). This reduces the sales price to 32.900 euros.

If you want to upgrade the extensive equipment, you can, for example, add a center armrest at the front with integrated QI charging function for smartphones for 239 euros, a trunk tray for 49 euros or an alarm system for 169 euros.

driving characteristics

In terms of driving technology, the Zoé is still on an easy level, engage reverse or forward gear and briefly press the accelerator pedal and it moves quickly from the point in the lower speed ranges. The almost 1,5 tons dead weight ensure tough driving behavior at medium or high speed at the latest. It is just more of a utility vehicle and is primarily designed for commuting between home and work or for daily errands. Due to its narrow body and high structure, it is not designed for winding slopes or sporty driving.

Renault ZOE - Copyright Renault
Renault ZOE - Copyright Renault

As with all electric vehicles, the question of the range is justified. At cooler temperatures during our test phase between 0 and 10 ° C outside temperatures, we were able to drive between 250 and 300 km when using the air conditioning and driving gently. That's enough for commuters. In the case of severe frost, we then had to make some compromises. If the heating is used, 150 to 200 km are more realistic here; the consumption is then gladly over 20 kWh per 100 km.

In everyday life, the Zoé offers enough space for 4 adults; the luggage volume can be used variably from 338 to a maximum of 1225 liters. In everyday life, the question of charging then arises. With the large battery pack, charging at the home socket can take up to 25 hours. A wallbox with charging capacities of 11 or even 22 kW per hour is recommended here. Or you can use a fast charging station. We used this variant at the motorway service station of Tank und Rast. After a good hour, the charging was carried out.

This year, the Zoé faces significant competition. The new models Nissan Leaf or Hyundai IONIQ with more powerful electric motors will then already represent new standards. It will be interesting to see how Renault reacts to this. But one thing can already be seen in the trend: The price-performance ratio for all manufacturers of electric cars will increase significantly and the sales price for new cars will continuously decrease.

And finally ...

The Renault Zoé in the equipment variant "Bose Edition" is aimed at buyers who, in addition to an acceptable range, value a high-quality sound system with DAB + reception. Those who like to ride moderately can also make friends with the manageable driving characteristics. With the sales promotion through the environmental bonus and the bonus from Renault, the Zoé will certainly continue to be in the upper segment of the registration numbers in the current year.


Practical test Renault ZOE Bose Edition

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