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Nissan Leaf 2020

Price reductions for the Nissan Leaf in May 2020

The newly ignited competition in the small and compact car segment for electric cars is also affecting new car prices this year. In view of new competition, especially from Volkswagen and Tesla, Nissan is significantly reducing new car prices for the Nissan Leaf. The current Nissan Leaf was completely renewed in 2018 not only technically, but also externally. Let's start with the revised body: The front section of the Leaf now picks up on the typical wide V-shaped branded grill from Nissan; only the brand logo has a shimmering blue background and now identifies the vehicle as an electric car.

The body was made heavier and more stable due to the higher performance; heavy components such as the battery are located in the middle of the chassis and give the Leaf extra stability and cornering dynamics. Outwardly, the new Nissan embodies much more of a dynamic Stromer than the previous model. A striking side line, new projection headlights and the flowing roof emphasize the sporty design. The new, elegant silhouette of the Leaf is also enhanced by the low-lying bonnet. It helps keep the electric car's drag value at 0,28. The new headlights also have one lens each for high and low beam - a novelty for Nissan vehicles.

The interior of the Leaf has also been redesigned. Blue stitching on the seats, door panels, armrests and steering wheel indicate that the interior of the Leaf is also an electric vehicle. The center console now offers better and easier operation and also the option of integrating the smartphone. The new technologies with which the new Nissan Leaf has been equipped include the ProPILOT, ProPILOT Park and the e-Pedal.

Nissan Leaf 2020
Nissan Leaf 2020

Two engines with different battery packs

The ProPILOT is designed to ensure safe and relaxed driving in single-lane motorway traffic and, above all, to relieve the driver of work in traffic jams. The ProPILOT Park is a parking system that can take over the entire parking maneuver - turning, braking and accelerating.

The electric motor of the Leaf should not only have a more dynamic performance thanks to improved energy efficiency and improved torque and drive power, its output has been increased by 38 percent compared to the first Nissan Leaf. The drive train now has an output of 110 kW (150 hp) and a new torque of 320 Nm. The now 40 kWh lithium-ion battery with a higher energy density enables the new Leaf to have a range of up to 378 kilometers. Thanks to the vehicle-to-grid technology, bidirectional charging is made possible, because the Leaf's battery can now also be used as a mobile energy storage device. The more powerful version of the Leaf with the name extension e + has a 62 kWh battery with a 160 kW (217 PS) electric motor with 340 Nm torque.

Nissan Leaf pricing as of May 01st, 2020 - Source Copyright Nissan
Nissan Leaf pricing as of May 01st, 2020 - Source Copyright Nissan

Leaf - price reductions since May 2020

The entry-level version Leaf Visia with 40 kWh battery is now available from 29.900 euros, after deducting the environmental bonus of 6.750 euros, 23.150 euros remain. Whoever orders the larger battery with 62 kWh pays at least 38.200 euros. The price change has been in effect since May 1, 2020.

Accessories - Our TOP-3 recommendations for a good resale value

  1. Winter package (325 euros)
    The winter package is only part of the standard equipment in the TEKNA version. These include heated seats at the front and rear, a heated steering wheel and heated exterior mirrors. The package significantly increases comfort in the cold seasons.
  2. LED headlight package (550 euros)
    LED headlights with LED daytime running lights with automatic height adjustment and cornering light function increase driving comfort in poor visibility. Compared to halogen headlights, the energy consumption is significantly lower. The height adjustment prevents oncoming vehicles from being dazzled. (Standard equipment in the TEKNA version)
  3. Around View Monitor (650 euros)
    360-degree all-round visibility and parking sensors at the front and rear improve parking and exiting once again. The package includes sensors for detecting movements in the environment and an assistant for drowsiness detection. (Standard in the N-CONNECTA and TEKNA equipment)

With these accessories you can definitely achieve good plus points when reselling. When it comes to equipment variants and color combinations, the options are diverse and your own taste and budget are more decisive here.


Sources: Nissan / Images: green car magazine

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