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Price drop for used e-cars in 2023

1.947.678 cars with purely electric drives, plug-in hybrids or fuel cell drives have been approved so far with support from the environmental bonus (as of October 01.05.2023st, 2025). The rewards chosen by the auto peaks for the purchase of new electric vehicles have pushed the demand for electric cars. Funding has been decided by the end of XNUMX. What is a welcome entry-level premium for e-cars for all new car buyers means a drastic loss in value for the still relatively young stock of used e-cars.

The doubling of the environmental bonus from 3.000 to 6.000 euros, which was actually introduced as part of the economic stimulus package, was initially limited to the end of 2021. With the introduction of this bonus, the value of their vehicles suddenly dropped to this bonus for all owners of their previously purchased e-cars reduced. With the extension of the premium until 2025, the loss in value will become a permanent condition. A potential buyer knows of course that he can buy a new car fresh from the factory at a high discount at any time. This is also reflected in the current vehicle values ​​of DAT or Schwacke vehicle values.

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Used e-cars under price pressure

For both used car dealers and private sellers, end-of-life vehicles can only be sold at significant price discounts before the registration year 2022. This means that, especially for older models with a low battery capacity and a correspondingly lower NEDC range, significantly lower used car prices are to be calculated than in previous years.


The used car market for e-cars will only stabilize once the environmental bonus has expired. Until then, the sale is very difficult for both dealers and private sellers in the current year. This year and next, there will also be many new models with significantly better NEDC ranges than used cars.


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