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Production of Fisker Ocean is about to start

After a very long lead time, Fisker Ocean is set to start production in November 2022. Despite the adversities in the supply chains, the deadline should be met and the first vehicles from the First Edition will be manufactured. Obviously, the first prototypes have already been produced as a test run. After the completion of the successful test drives, the official start of production should now begin.

As previously communicated, production will take place at Magna in Graz. Four versions are already configurable, ranging from sports to extremes, from the entry-level price of EUR 41.560 to EUR 69.950 (prices October 2022 online).

“The quality of the prototype still needs to be improved before we go into full production as some parts are early prototype parts, but this gives us time to refine even more. After driving test cars on a high-speed track in Italy and on the streets of LA, I'm excited about all the features we're going to offer in the Fisker Ocean and how great the Fisker Ocean will be to drive." - is Henrik's official statement Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc.

In the long term, the car will also be sold in India and plans for local production are already being made. However, the more compact Pear model is intended for this. The first Pear models are to be produced in the USA at the former Lordstown plant in Ohio.

Technical highlights

The trend towards electric SUVs has continued to gain momentum in recent years. The Ocean, which is visually striking with its voluminous wheel arches, definitely scores with a few statements of its own. According to the manufacturer, a solar roof should provide electricity for up to 3.000 kilometers. Ample space and a swiveling central information display can be used flexibly, for example for streaming films. An important aspect that is gaining increasing attention from all manufacturers is the use of recycled materials for the Fisker Ocean's fairings and seats.

Munich as the European headquarters

In 2021, the Manhattan Beach, California-based startup opened an office in Munich to prepare for the sale. The first European brand experience center is also planned here. Since there is not yet a comprehensive network of workshops, direct vehicle collection from home is offered for services on the vehicle. As an alternative, a Fisker Mobile Service with an on-site technician is to be provided.


# 30.09.2021/2022/XNUMX Fisker Ocean launches XNUMX with digital radar system

One of the most interesting new releases for 2022 is going to be the brand new Fisker Ocean. With the start of production, an interesting cooperation with Fisker will also arise for Magna. The car will come out with some interesting innovations. The vehicle base is the revised version of the e-car platform developed by Magna. The most interesting solution is likely to be the newly developed ICON digital radar system.

Magna International has been operating as a global supplier to the automotive industry for decades and specializes in specific customer solutions. With the production of the Fisker Ocean, however, the establishment as a competence partner for the production of high-quality electric cars is also being targeted in the long term. The ICON Digital Radar was developed over the past few years with the Austin, Texas startup company Uhnder. According to its own statements, the digital radar has to resolve and interpret the driving environment in a much more differentiated manner than comparable analog systems. According to the development plans, regardless of the lighting conditions, all relevant objects on the road, such as pedestrians or cyclists, should be recognized at an early stage up to a distance of 150 meters.

On the way to Level 4 Autonomous Driving

"ICON Digital Radar significantly improves the performance of today's analog radar and takes this technology to a level not previously achieved in the automotive sector," said Boris Shulkin, Executive Vice President, Technology and Investment at Magna International. "Similar to other digital breakthroughs in the consumer electronics and mobile phone industries, we expect digital radar to change the way we think about the role of radar in road safety - now and in the future."

A higher resolution and a better contrast than with analog radar are announced. As a result, the ICON radar should be able to detect moving or stationary objects, large or small, both at short and long distances. Overlay problems with analog radar devices should then be a thing of the past. Each digital radar is equipped with a unique code that can be transmitted. This means that each individual radar can be identified and mutual interference can be minimized.

"We believe the time has come for a paradigm shift towards digital radar systems that will enable our customers like Magna to get more accurate information from their radar sensor so they can develop sophisticated algorithms to save more lives," said Manju Hegde, CEO and co-founder of Uhnder.

According to information from MAGNA Internationally, the takeover of Veoneer by Magna is imminent. Veoneer is a traditional manufacturer with over 40 million radar sensors produced to date.

Allego and Fisker forge cooperation at the start of sales

Through the newly agreed partnership, Fisker and Allego are collaborating to simplify EV charging and related services in several European markets. New customers who buy or lease a Fisker Ocean to start selling should receive all charging processes free of charge in the first year.


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