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Renault 5 prototype - Copyright Renault

Renaissance of the electric Renault 5 in 2024

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance has already presented the new electric car platform CMF-B-EV. This platform is intended for future use in the B vehicle segment for electric vehicles. The basis of this larger platform comes from the already used CMF-B platform for the Clio and Captur. One focus was the cost reduction in production. With the new modular concept, vehicles with different wheelbases and track widths can be created for vehicles from the B segment. The new electric Renault 5 will be built on this new platform.

The official statement by Delphine De Andria, head of product development in the B-EV segment, reads: “The new CMF B-EV platform offers enormous potential, as it will make the future Renault 5 a lot of fun to drive and contribute to the high level of competitiveness in the future compact class.”

Reduced production costs with a new platform

The new Renault 5 is powered by a separately excited synchronous motor, which also powers the ZOE E-Tech Electric and Megane E-Tech Electric. Not only is it more powerful than a permanent magnet motor, but it also uses no rare earth metals for magnets, which should reduce both the costs and the environmental impact of production.

Renault 5 Prototype, electric car, electromobility, development, production, manufacture, test drive, 2023 - Copyright Renault
Renault 5 Prototype, electric car, electromobility, development, production, manufacturing, test drive, 2023 - Copyright Renault

The power electronics, the DC/DC converter, the battery charger and the battery management system are combined in a compact housing. This makes the drive smaller and lighter. The future Renault 5 electric motor is around 20 kilograms lighter than that of the ZOE. The new battery pack is compressed into four large modules, which saves an additional 15 kilograms in weight.

These new components and the significantly reduced cost level should make the new Renault 5 an interesting new competitor in the BEV segment. With the expiry of the environmental bonus, the actual list price will again become the focus of attention as the basis for price negotiations. And here the Renault with a starting price of less than 30.000 euros could make up ground compared to its competitors.

Technical highlights

In addition, there will probably also be significantly higher quality equipment variants, so an Alpine version could be released as a sports variant. A study on this has already been presented. The exterior is based on the historic R5 with smoother surfaces and the already from Zoe well-known charging connection in the front. The first images with camouflaged foils show a retro design and are clearly aimed at successfully revived icons such as the Fiat 500e or the Mini Cooper SE.

“In the Renault Technocentre near Paris, the upcoming, purely electric Renault 5 is undergoing the metamorphosis from the study to the production model in the prototype production. In the top-secret miniature factory, the first vehicles are made, as they will be at the northern French location in the future Douai will roll off the conveyor. The aim is to check conformity in advance and ensure the highest possible level of quality in the future manufacturing process.” Press release Renault on prototype production

The interior still remains a mystery, but it could be a nod to the Mégane E-Tech with a full-length screen panel and some historically modified styling cues. A few technical bon mots are planned, such as the multi-link rear axle and brake-by-whire. The course has already been set for a successful zero-emission revival of the R5.


The new Renault 5 as a BEV will liven up the competition with a number of technical innovations and practical ranges. At the same time, with the market launch, sales of the Renault Zoe and the E-Clio will probably also feel headwind in-house.


Cover Photo - Renault 5 Prototype - Copyright Renault

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N. Hawthorn
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