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Renault Captur Plug-in Hybrid - Copyright Renault

Renault Captur plug-in hybrid starts in summer 2020

According to the manufacturer, the new Captur E-TECH plug-in is being launched in Germany at an entry-level price of 33.600 euros. Pre-orders from Renault partners are already possible now, delivery is planned from mid-2020. The buyers of the first Renault model with plug-in hybrid drive will receive the increased environmental bonus for electric cars from 2020 if the conditions are met. The purchase premium for the Captur E-TECH plug-in will then amount to 4.928 euros. Another advantage is the reduced company car tax of 0,5 percent.

Renault will offer the Captur E-TECH plug-in in two versions at the market launch: in the INTENS version from 33.600 euros and as EDITION ONE from 35.550 euros. The E-TECH plug-in is a joint development of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and combines 150 patents.

Captur plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 65 km

The system consists of a 1,6-liter petrol engine with a particle filter, two electric motors, an innovative multi-mode transmission and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 9,8 kWh.
According to the manufacturer, it should be possible to achieve up to 65 kilometers purely electrically in city traffic under optimal conditions.

According to Renault, the E-TECH plug-in system promises high efficiency, excellent responsiveness and fast recuperation when decelerating. The vehicle always starts in electric mode and can cover up to 65 kilometers purely electrically in city traffic. In a mix of city and cross-country trips, an electric range of 50 kilometers is possible at speeds of up to 135 km / h. The system output is 116 kW / 158 PS, the torque 300 Nm, and the CO2 emissions in the WLTP test cycle are less than 40 grams per kilometer.


Cover picture - Renault Captur Plug-in-Hybrid - Copyright Renault

Sources and images: Renault

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