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Renault Megane E-TECH EV60

Renault Mégane E-TECH EV60 – the long-distance station wagon

Renault is rapidly pushing ahead with the expansion of electromobility. This year the compact five-door Megane E-Tech Electric was presented with two engines. The basic model is offered with 96 kW/131 hp. We extensively tested the more powerful version with 160/218 hp and the large battery pack in the summer. The station wagon can be used as an all-rounder for long tours and varied leisure activities.

With the Megane E-Tech, Renault is finally providing a classic electric station wagon with plenty of space. In addition to the more powerful motor, there is an extremely flat, 11 cm high, liquid-cooled 60 kWh lithium-ion battery. It accelerates quickly from 7,4 to 0 km/h in 100 seconds and the range is specified as up to 450 kilometers under optimal conditions. These basic data already provide some incentives to buy the new Megane E-Tech.

Renault Megane E-TECH EV60
Renault Megane E-TECH EV60

The Techno equipment package was added to our test car. This adds some interesting accessories for the driver and front passenger. The most interesting from our point of view is the automatic traffic sign recognition, the high-beam assistant, a light and rain sensor and the folding and heated exterior mirrors. However, this also drives the purchase price to 44.700 euros.

Full bonus for new registrations by the end of the year

As an incentive for current purchases, Renault is offering another treat: "Renault guarantees payment of the full innovation premium of 9.570 euros2 for 2022 for its new Megane E-Tech Electric models. This also applies if the delivery is unplanned after April 20. December, making it impossible to obtain admission and to submit an application by the end of the year. The automobile manufacturer is thus reacting to the planned adjustment of the funding guideline for 2023, which provides for a premium reduced by almost 2.400 euros3. If the new official registration comes after the deadline, the delivering Renault partners will also pay the difference between the innovation bonus 2022 and the planned one in the new year environmental Bonus 2023.” (Renault press release September 2022)

This guarantee applies to predefined Megane E-Tech Electric or Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric in stock and to be purchased from dealers, as well as order vehicles, which customers can configure themselves within the framework of the available contingents. Which contingents are available can be obtained from the respective Renault partners.

The key card

With the Megane, Renault relies on the key card for access to the car. When you approach the car, the door levers on the driver's and passenger's side automatically open. The levers can then be moved outwards briefly to open the doors. However, it is a bit more cumbersome if someone on the passenger side later wants to get on, here the embedded lever must first be pulled out with your finger. The folding handles for the rear doors, which are integrated into the design, are a little smarter.

Renault Mégane E-TECH EV60 - digital rearview mirror
Renault Mégane E-TECH EV60 - digital rear view mirror

The seats are still adjusted manually, but the lumbar support can be regulated electronically to suit your own needs. The cockpit is slightly curved towards the driver and is peppered with the classic digital display behind the steering wheel and a large-format infotainment screen at steering wheel height. The arrangement of three control levers on the right-hand side behind the steering wheel behind the well-arranged multifunction steering wheel takes some getting used to. Here, from top to bottom, the automatic selector lever, the windscreen wiper controls and the volume control share places. This is neither practical nor directly visible. On the other hand, the high-resolution 12-inch display (surcharge 850 euros) including integrated Google Maps navigation as well as wireless car and Apple Carplay enriches everyday driving. All route guidance can be announced directly with the Google voice assistant. From our point of view, this is practical and is used more often than various settings for the ambient lighting.

The displays offer high resolution, the reversing camera provides a comprehensive picture when parking with the side boundaries. For all emergencies when reversing out of a parking space, a reversing emergency brake assistant is available at extra cost, it works very sensitively to people and vehicles standing in the way.

long-distance BEV

With a total of three predefined driving levels from Eco to Comfort to Sport mode, there is plenty of choice for the driving feeling. However, the longest distances can only be covered in ECO mode. In autumn we were able to cover up to 400 kilometers with it. In the energy-guzzling modes, there is significantly more dynamics when overtaking. The top speed is capped at 160 km/h. This corresponds to the zeitgeist and will probably soon be sufficient with the introduction of a speed limit on the motorways.

Renault Mégane E-TECH EV60 - Adaptive Cruise Control
Renault Mégane E-TECH EV60 - Adaptive Cruise Control

In terms of driving comfort, the Megane impresses with conventional MCPherson suspension on the front axle and a multi-link rear axle including vertical vibration dampers and coil springs. This directly compensates for the slight and wavy bumps in the road. There is only feedback if there are larger potholes.

Optional extras

There are a few highlights on the long list of special equipment that definitely have a positive effect on the resale value.

Heat pump

The heat pump should actually be standard in high-priced electric cars, but the manufacturers often charge extra for this important detail. Here, too, the heat pump comes at a hefty surcharge of 1.100 euros. However, a few kilometers of range can still be tickled out, especially in the transitional periods.


The large OpenR link Infotainment 12″ touchscreen with Google Navigation+ Services, Harman Kardon Sound (8 LS + Sub) and DAB+ is a recommendation. In addition to the Google integration, the high-resolution display is a real asset while driving. 850 euros extra charge.

The winter package

The winter package includes the leather steering wheel, heated front seats and the heated steering wheel for an additional charge of 550 euros


With the E-Kombi Renault Megane, a classic segment is equipped with a very well-equipped electric car. The generous amount of space and the high driving comfort stand up to the competition from the combustion sector. The long-distance station wagon can also be used for family and leisure activities on longer tours.


Test from autumn 2022

N. Hawthorn

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