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Renault Megane E-Tech - Copyright Renault

Renault Megane E-Tech prices from April 2022

With the announcement of the new Renault Megane in 2020, Renault announced new standards in drive, charging and battery technology. This includes compact batteries and the CCS fast charging connection as standard. When looking at the price list, there are some interesting extras to consider.

The electric Megane is still holding back a little when it comes to the trend towards battery capacities for long-distance journeys. The batteries can currently only be ordered with a capacity of 40 or 60 kWh. The sedan built on the new CMF-EV platform scores with a new liquid-cooled drive motor with a low dead weight and very efficient motor temperature control. Compared to the Renault Zoe, the most powerful engine has 160 kW/218 hp and thus achieves acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h within 7,4 seconds. Due to the higher torque of 300 Newton meters, it is also significantly more dynamic when overtaking.
Inside there is ample space and storage space. With 440 liters of trunk volume and an extension to 1332 liters with the folding rear seat, there is sufficient transport volume for leisure and hobby activities.

A look at the price list. The Evolution equipment variant can only be ordered from stock. CopyrightRenault
A look at the price list. The Evolution equipment variant can only be ordered from stock. CopyrightRenault

A look at the price list

The model that competes with the Model 3 can be ordered in various equipment variants. The versions with the smaller 40 kWh battery are probably not that lucrative to market in the long term. With a maximum WLTP range of up to 300 kilometers under optimal conditions and a comparatively slower charging technology, they will probably not find that many fans.
The most interesting are the models with a 60 kWh battery on board. Here the WLTP range is 130 km for the 470 hp engine and 220 km for the top engine with 450 hp. This means that even with the better charging capacity, long distances can be covered much more efficiently in terms of time.

A look at the current technology of the Megane E-Tech. CopyrightRenault
A look at the current technology of the Megane E-Tech. CopyrightRenault

Make sure you have the right accessories

If you look at the price list, you should take a closer look at the accessories. Some components relevant to everyday use are only offered for a corresponding surcharge. This also includes the charging cable for the Schuko plug. In the meantime, however, most e-car drivers have a wall box available for charging at home. Here are a few tips that also have a positive effect on the resale value. When ordering some high-priced accessories, Renault promises priority and fastest delivery. This is obviously intended to push the sale of accessories again.

The heat pump

An important detail. especially for long-distance use in the transitional periods of spring and summer, it also tickles out important additional kilometers, for example when using the air conditioning. The heat pump is a useful accessory, especially for electric cars, and Renault can order this delicacy for a hefty 1.950 euros extra.

assistance packages

An additional assistance package with some interesting options can be ordered for tech-savvy e-drivers. These include, for example, a blind spot warning system with active steering intervention or adaptive cruise control or additional parking aids. Depending on the equipment level, the packages come with additional options and cost between 1.050 and 2.600 euros.

warranty packages

If you want to use the vehicles for the long term, you can use the extension guarantee packages for up to 72 months to cover all extended guarantee cases according to Renault's conditions. The surcharges are scaled according to mileage per year and the term following the new vehicle guarantee.


With the new Renault Megane E-Tech, Renault can become a competitor in the middle class of electric cars, especially with the large battery pack. As with all major manufacturers, longer delivery times must also be taken into account for the Megane E-Tech due to the delays in the supply chain.


Cover photo - Renault Megane E-Tech - Copyright Renault

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