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Renault Zoe rear light - Copyright Renault

Renault removes the old basic models from the price list for the Zoe

In the last NCAP crash test from December 2021, the base model Zoe "Zen" did not get a single star in the overall rating. The shock at Renault must have been very deep, because the first test in 2013 was still a full 5 stars. However, the revised safety standards in the crash test now make the basic model look significantly worse. Renault reacted to this with the current revision of the price list.

You won't find the basic versions that can be ordered in the current price list. Instead of the previous basic models, the Evolution equipment variant is now the cheapest entry-level model. And a comprehensive assistance package to increase safety was also included here. Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Emergency Brake Assist were not part of the basic equipment in the NCAP test version. These components are now standard equipment in the new basic model. A look at the new price list shows an improved price-performance ratio.

Renault Zoe Evolution as a new entry-level model

The Renault ZOE, updated last year, is still Europe's and Germany's best-selling electric car. With the new equipment variants, it makes fewer compromises than before when it comes to electromobility: The basic model ZOE Evolution starts at a price of 33.140 euros with a 52 kWh battery capacity and enables a range of up to 395 kilometers. All base models are already equipped with one-pedal mode for comfortable driving, a noise simulator for warning pedestrians and full LED headlights with C-shaped LED daytime running lights.
Those who value more comfort should choose the equipment level of the Zoe Techno in conjunction with the more powerful R135 engine with 100 kW/135 hp for 35.990 euros. The equipment package has been significantly expanded in terms of technology with a blind spot warning system, a speed warning system and the EASY LINK online multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen.

Renault Zoe Intense 2021
Renault Zoe Intens 2021 can no longer be ordered

The Renault Zoe Riviera R135 as a top version

The Zoe Riveria with the R135 electric motor and the 52 kWh lithium-ion battery remains in the range as a top version at a price of 38.790 euros.
The special model is based on all of the components mentioned above in combination with the winter package. Accordingly, the Easy Link infotainment system with navigation, automatic air conditioning, reversing camera and heating for the seats and steering wheel are included. The delicacies of the Riviera equipment are 16-inch aluminum and leather seats in navy blue. The leather colors can also be found on the dashboard and armrests.

Optional extras as the icing on the cake

In addition to the equipment packages on offer, there are also some interesting optional extras for the Renault Zoe, which we are going to present again here.

The DC charging port

The CCS charging connection (50 kW DC) for rapid charging with direct current should actually be part of the basic equipment. Renault is once again paying well for it. In any case, from our point of view, the DC charging connection is the most important resale argument in view of the future competitive situation and is available for € 1.100. The charging cable for the home is also charged an extra 500 euros.

The winter package

Although the winters have been comparatively mild in recent years, a heated steering wheel and, above all, heated seats can provide a more comfortable driving experience even when the outside temperature is less than 10 degrees. The surcharge of 450 euros upgrades the car again. (Standard equipment on the Riviera model!)

Aluminum loading sill protection

If you want to better protect the upper part of the rear bumper, you can do it directly with this practical and custom-made loading sill protector. With the chrome version, you also set an eye-catcher at the rear of the vehicle for 75 euros.

Electric bonus 2022

Details can be found in the Renault explanation:
“The electric bonus includes a federal subsidy of € 6.000 and a Renault share of at least € 3.000. These amounts are still to be deducted from the purchase price. Ask your participating Renault partner about their offers. "(Source Renault Germany price list valid from 15.02.2022)


Renault Zoe rear light – Copyright Renault

How do you like the new trim levels?

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