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Renault Zoe R110

Renault extends diesel exchange premium until June 2019

Renault says it is extending its current diesel exchange premium of up to 10.000 euros until April 30, 2019. Anyone who, as a private customer, has their old diesel car with the Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions standard when buying one If you trade in a new Renault car, you will receive an exchange bonus of up to 10.000 euros for the new vehicle from participating Renault partners. The exchange premium should be valid for customers throughout Germany.

Old diesel drivers of all brands who have signed a new vehicle purchase agreement for a Renault car, regardless of the type of drive, by June 30, 2019, receive the change offer. The prerequisite is that the old diesel car has been registered with the owner for at least six months. The premium is based on the value of the new vehicle.

The Renault Diesel exchange premium also refers explicitly to the exchange of Euro 5 diesel vehicles. In addition, it continues to apply to the purchase of a Renault electric vehicle. 10.000 euros exchange bonus is available for new purchases of the Renault Talisman, Espace and Koleos models.

Renault electric cars and diesel bonus

When buying the electric car Renault ZOE, the customer receives in addition to the Renault
Electricity bonus of 5.000 euros, a diesel exchange bonus of 3.000 euros. Under
Taking both premiums into account, the ZOE is available from EUR 13.900 (plus monthly battery rental from EUR 59).

For the Renault compact models Mégane, Kadjar and Scénic, the exchange premium will be 1 euros from March 2019, 6.000 instead of the previous 5.000 euros. If the customer buys a new Renault Captur, the premium is 4.000 euros. When buying a new Clio, there is an exchange bonus of 3.000 euros, with the new Twingo an exchange bonus of 2.000 euros.

The electric bonus includes € 2.000 government environmental bonus and € 3.000 Renault
Electric bonus in accordance with the funding guidelines of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for the sale of electrically powered vehicles.

For owners of older diesel vehicles, a change is possible until the end of June. Current test results for the Renault Zoe can be found in the following article.


Source: Renault

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N. Hawthorn

One thought on “Renault extends diesel exchange bonus until June 2019”

  1. I went to a Renault dealer today who assured me that the diesel bonus of €3000 could not be combined with the electric bonus (3000+2000) and only presented me with the ADAC leasing offer (which is quite interesting if you don't want to take the diesel exchange bonus with you would). I have now written to Renault to get clarity because the statement on their website seems to me to say quite clearly that the premium can very well be linked to the bonus.
    It's possible that it can't be combined with the ADAC leasing offer, but I didn't even ask the dealer about that.
    When buying a new car, it's common to get a double-digit percentage discount. Is this no longer possible with the Zoe or is this already included in the Renault electric bonus?

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