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smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart

smart #1 - new E-Premium series on the European market

Advertisement -Mercedes-Benz and Geely are realigning their smart brand and together they are offering their customers an impressive series to start with. The new product line clever #1 is available in four models, all of which know how to impress. Together with ABB E-Mobility, the company offers AC wall boxes to secure public and private charging stations. smart #1 drivers use their own app to find an available charging station near them.

smart #1 BRABUS
In just 3,9 seconds from 0 to 100, this is only possible with the BRABUS in series production. With the compact vehicle, the manufacturer offers an extraordinarily fast sports variant with a range of up to 400 kilometers. The consumption is 17,9 kw/h per 100 kilometers. With a peak power of 428 hp and a constant hp of 158, the sports variant is a strong package of performance and comfort.

smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart
smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart

smart #1 launch edition
With a fully charged battery, drivers can travel around 440 kilometers. Compared to the average range of comparable vehicles, this is a very good performance. When it comes to acceleration, the model is significantly slower than the sports variant, but still a respectable 6,7 seconds overall. A large screen with a storage capacity of 128 GB offers a good overview of all vehicle data.

smart #1 Premium
The premium smart #1, equipped with a helo roof and special design elements such as the illuminated door handles, also impresses over a distance of up to 440 kilometers with just one charge. With many refinements, the premium model is a vehicle for drivers who want something more than the standard equipment. The model can be individually adjusted, among other things, in the equipment of the tires and rims.

smart #1 Pro+
smart has always been further developed, after the for four there is now an SUV variant. The concept of the vehicle primarily focuses on driving safety. With a distance performance of 440 kilometers with just one charge, the vehicle belongs to the top class. Frameless doors, a floating halo panorama roof are just a few exclusive features of the vehicle.

smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart
smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart

smart #1 pre-order and delivery
Consumers have been able to pre-order all vehicles in the smart #1 series since October 2022. The vehicle manufacturers offer advance orders online and agree the exact delivery date with their customers. The smart #1 should be available from May 2023, initially only the models that have been pre-ordered will be delivered. A few weeks later, the models are available from selected partners.

The only exception to this is the Launch Edition. The model will be sold in Europe in a special edition of 1.000 vehicles. If you want one of the coveted cars, you have to pre-order it now.

smart #1 charging stations
Mercedes-Benz and BMW founded Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) years ago in order to install charging stations with a uniform system across the board. After BP also got involved, the implementation will also be possible locally, because some of the petrol stations will be converted into wallbox spots in the coming years.

Drivers of the new models use the app specially developed for the series to control battery data and charging. All charging points are marked in this and a DCS charging card is supplied with every new smart #1. Charging is not only possible via the supplied cable, but also contactless via Wifi or Bluetooth.

smart #1 is an advanced and intelligent series that offers drivers valuable support and thus visibly increases driving comfort.


Images: smart#1 Launch Edition Copyright smart

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