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Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

Sono Motors offers test drives

Munich-based mobility provider Sono Motors is continuing to work on the presentation of the Sion small car and is touring Germany as part of a series of events. The aim is to present the vehicle concept and to increase the number of pre-orders following the planned test drives. The car can only be pre-ordered at the moment; according to the manufacturer, around 7.000 pre-orderers (as of August 2018) have taken advantage of this. The vehicle is to be produced and delivered from 2019.

The concept of the small, compact van is an electric car with solar modules integrated into the body, which, according to the manufacturer, can generate a range of up to 30 kilometers. But that can only be generated with optimal solar radiation at the vehicle location. The range under optimal conditions should be up to 250 kilometers. The purchase price without the battery is currently 16.000 euros.

Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

According to Laurin Hahn, CEO and founder of Sono Motors, the Netherlands will be interesting for the provider in the future. There is the following quote from a press release: “With this tour we want to meet the overwhelming demand for test drives. That is why we will offer further test drives in our core market of Germany on the way to the Netherlands. The Netherlands itself is an extremely interesting market for us, because the country is considered a pioneer in the field of electromobility. Accordingly, we see clear potential for an innovative electric car like the Sion and look forward to entering the market ”.

Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

Sion by Sono Motors - Copyright Sono Motors

Test drives September to October 2018

At the moment you can only get an impression of the car personally. If you want to drive the Sion and experience it live, you can register for an appointment of your choice on the Sono Motors website. On the days of the event, two prototypes and an eight-person team will be available to provide information about cars and companies, solar integration, and mobility and sharing functions.
A total of around 3.500 test drives will be carried out in the following cities as part of the tour:

Fürth (September 01 - September 02.09.2018, 03), Darmstadt (September 04.09.2018 - 05, 06.09.2018), Siegburg (Bonn) (September 07 - September 08.09.2018, 09), Maastricht (September 10.09.2018 - 11, 12.09.2018), Eindhoven (September 13 - 14.09.2018, 15) 16.09.2018), Delft (September 19 - 20.09.2018, 21), Almere (September 22.09.2018 - 23, 24.09.2018), Groningen (September 25 - 26.09.2018, 27), Hengelo (September 28.09.2018 - 29, 30.09.2018), Detmold (September 03 - 04.10.2018, 05.10.2018) 09), Hildesheim (11.10.2018rd - 13.10.2018th September XNUMX), Göttingen (XNUMXth - XNUMXth September XNUMX), Fulda (XNUMXth - XNUMXth September XNUMX), Heilbronn (XNUMXth - XNUMXth September XNUMX), Memmingen (XNUMXrd - XNUMXth October XNUMX) XNUMX), Weilheim / eRUDA (October XNUMXth, XNUMX), Passau (October XNUMXth - XNUMXth, XNUMX) and Munich (October XNUMXth, XNUMX).

Registration via  Sonos Motors.


Sources and images: Sono Motors

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