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Solar vehicle Sion - Copyright Sono Motors

Sono Motors places an order with ElringKlinger for battery development

Sono Motors, a start-up automobile company founded by three Munich-based companies, has developed the solar vehicle “Sion” to series production readiness in the last few months. The requirements for mobility are defined according to the press release: “Thanks to a battery range of 250 km suitable for everyday use, a purchase price (without battery) of 16.000 euros and integrated sharing functions, the vehicle should appeal to families and city commuters in particular. The battery is to be offered on a rental basis or for one-time purchase. "

These requirements are accordingly made as a requirement of the battery supplier. ElringKlinger says it is a globally positioned, independent development partner and original equipment manufacturer for cylinder head and special gaskets, lightweight plastic components and modules, shielding systems for engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and the underbody as well as battery and fuel cell components.

Cooperation between ElringKlinger and Sono Motors / Copyright ElringKlinger / SonoMotors

Cooperation between ElringKlinger and Sono Motors / Copyright ElringKlinger / SonoMotors

Further information on the cooperation agreement can be found in the press release from Sono Motors:

“We were very impressed by ElringKlinger's know-how and professionalism. A fully automated production line should also ensure cost-efficient production and show that production in Germany can also make economic sense, ”explains Roberto Diesel, CTO of Sono Motors.
Last summer, Sono Motors presented the innovative and family-friendly solar car Sion to the global public. The Sion is a self-charging electric car that uses the solar cells integrated in the body to feed solar energy into the battery for up to 30 additional kilometers every day.

The maximum feed-in is based on optimal conditions. The vehicle can also be charged either at a conventional socket, a Type 2 plug or a quick charging station within 30 minutes. So far, Sono Motors has received almost 4.000 paid vehicle reservations.

According to Sono Motors, the production of the "Sion" should start in 2019.


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