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Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

Sporty ambitions with the ID.5 GTX?

The abbreviation GT for Grand Tourismo, i.e. for the large-format touring car, has a long tradition at Volkswagen. The abbreviation was even used for the compact formats of the Golf and Polo. This designation got its original meaning in the classics of car history, and this naturally includes icons such as the Mustang GT. Now Volkswagen is setting a milestone with the sporty GTX variant with the shapely ID.5 GT. With a large interior and a few sporty details, it competes against strong competition in the touring coupe segment. On the extensive test drives we want to find out whether the multiplier X is justified.

GT / GTD / GTI - are common abbreviations in Volkswagen's history with internal combustion engines. With the X, an exclamation mark is to be set once again with the equipment features and the motorization in the sporty BEV coupe. With two separate electric motors for the front and rear axles and a battery with 77 kWh, Volkswagen relies on a durable all-wheel drive that can be adjusted to your own specifications using adjustable driving modes. In addition to the well-known 150 kW/ 204 hp electric unit from the ID.5 Pro Performance, there is also an 80 kW/109 hp electric motor for the front axle, which is used depending on the driving situation. This results in a system output of 220 kW/299 hp with an impressive 460 Newton meters of torque. This means that a braked trailer with a trailer load of up to 1.400 kg can also be used, which is definitely a clear plus point for functional use of the GTX.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

The area of ​​lighting design can be used extensively with the generous use of LED elements. With the GTX, this includes a designed light band between the standard LED matrix headlights and the logo. Of the total of 18 LED units per headlight, 11 modules can be individually dimmed or even switched off. This results in a glare-free and evenly illuminated driving light when driving at night. The rear is characterized by three striking LED taillights, equipped with surface light guides.

Standards for standard equipment

For the 2023 model year, there are some crucial updates for the GTX. They include, among other things, tinted side and rear windows, heated front seats and air conditioning with an active combination filter, stationary air conditioning and two-zone temperature control. There are also subtle changes in the interior. Red decorative seams in the interior are intended to underline the sporty touch and on the outside the roof frame strip, C-pillar, exterior mirrors and diffuser are designed in glossy black.

driving impressions

The comfort of the ID.5 is very convenient with an automated start. An elegant solution is noticeable as soon as you get started. The door handles, which look very traditional, are equipped with a pressure sensor and open easily when touched. Then you can take a seat in the seats with very good lateral support and electronic settings. Two seating positions can be saved using memory functions. Our model also included a massage function that can be activated at the push of a button. After the individual settings, the brake pedal is pressed and then the automatic functions are activated using the paddle shifter behind the steering wheel. This is well thought out and intuitive to use from our point of view.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

Volkswagen has finally reduced all the controls to the essentials. Some drivers are bothered by this, but after a few trips, operation via the central information display with slider technology is just a finger exercise. As an alternative, voice input can of course also be used. The question of the Grand Tourismo properties remains. And this is already answered on the first big trips. In addition to the very easy-to-read head-up display, all the ingredients for relaxed touring are on board. In addition to the numerous assistance systems, this includes a very responsive adaptive cruise control and a reliable warning blind spot assistant. The quickly changing driving modes are also practical for long tours. When it comes to power consumption, all scenarios can be preset and adjusted. In the autumn test at a cool 10 to 20 degrees outside temperature, we were in ECO mode at just under 20 kilowatt hours, in sport mode also a good 30 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

At the supercharger

There were already some software updates when charging, we were able to charge at peak with up to 130 kW on the CCS fast charger, but only with 11 kW on the normal AC connection. After charging to 100%, we read the expected range. Here we were at 360 to 380 kilometers according to the information on the ID display. From the test experience of recent years, this is within the normal range, since the laboratory conditions of the WLTP process can hardly be achieved in practice. It must also always be pointed out that these can only be implemented in ECO mode. But those who have opted for the sporty version will probably want to use all the power reserves. Therefore, 250 to 300 kilometers are usually realistic in autumn.

The appearance of the ID.5 GTX is ambitious in terms of sport with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6,3 seconds. As a tourer, it offers enough reserves for overtaking maneuvers and has a top speed of 180 km/h, which is up-to-date. He certainly does not have the timbre and history of a Ford Mustang Mach E, but he scores with a generous amount of space, mature handling and full road holding. The successful integration of Android Auto once again brings great added value on long-distance journeys, because with smart tools such as Google Maps or Spotify, motorway journeys can be designed in a relaxed manner.

Clou panorama roof

With the large-format panorama roof, the interior appears even larger and better lit. Especially for the passengers on the back seat, this is an advantage even while driving. Although the roof line decreases a little towards the rear due to the coupe design, taller adults can also sit comfortably here. At night, you can use the ambient lighting to configure your own interior lighting. Those who drive more often at night will quickly get used to the very effective road illumination with the LED matrix headlights, which include automatic switching for the driving lights and for poor visibility.

Prices for the basic model start at 56.455 euros (as of October 2022). This already includes the LED headlights, the heated multifunction steering wheel and a set of alloy wheels. From our point of view, there are also a few interesting additional features that also have a positive effect on the used car price.

The panoramic roof is probably particularly appreciated on long journeys. The surcharge for this is 1.400 euros.

The heat pump should actually be standard at this price, but is only offered here as an option for 990 euros.

With a trailer load of a good 1.400 kg, towing a trailer also makes sense. The surcharge for the folding trailer hitch with electrical unlocking is 890 euros.


Even the standard equipment of the sporty ID.5 GTX offers a number of plus points for long tours. The sophisticated assistance systems, the very good road holding and the range are the decisive factors for relaxed use over long distances. A generous trunk volume and the large interior can be ideally used for travel activities.

Test from summer 2023

How do you like the ID.5 GTX?

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