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Sono Motors presents bidirectional charging system - Copyright Sono Motors

Start-up Sono Motors presents bidirectional charging system

A German electric car start-up company presents the Sion project car. The Munich-based company Sono Motors GmbH presented the solar car called Sion on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform at the beginning of August 2016. The Sion solar mobile is currently in the study status, i.e. in the development phase. With the help of crowdfunding financing, funds amounting to 260.480 euros could be raised and the development continued. A prototype currently exists and, according to the manufacturer, three vehicles that can be registered will be used as test vehicles in the coming year. The customers who have pre-ordered the car in the form of a down payment via the crowdfunding project are allowed to test the vehicle in practice for an hour and then decide whether to carry out the order.
Sono Motors is now introducing a bidirectional charging system for its Sion solar car. The system not only makes it possible to charge electricity, but also to draw electricity at any time. According to the company, the Sion will become a mobile power storage device that recharges itself independently. The fields of application for bidirectional use are diverse and range from leisure and camping to use in barbecuing and cooling or media use to use as a generator. The operations in disaster control, relief operations and events are conceivable. Bidirectional charging is used as an option by some manufacturers, but will be standard in the near future, as is currently the case in the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Sono Motors continues to work on the development.


The way forward will be interesting, because with all progress, production can probably only start in 2019, provided that all preliminary considerations and the financing for production can be realized. The car equipped with 6 seats will be available in 2 versions when it is launched. The basic prices are 16.000 euros for the “Extender” version with a range of up to 250 km and 12.000 euros for the “Urban” version with a range of up to 120 km without a battery, which can either be bought or leased. The first drafts and the interior can be viewed on the website. At first glance, it all looks very functional.
The intended service features are more innovative. The maintenance program provides that the customer can carry out almost all work autonomously or through an experienced specialist, in that all service work can be called up via an app, corresponding repair guides as PDF or training videos. Integrated into the fittings, moss should act as a natural air conditioning system and, according to the manufacturer, regulate the humidity and bind fine dust particles.
The special feature of the Sion is the large solar cell surface which, according to Sono Motors, can charge the battery with up to 30 kW per day. The traditional competitors for electric cars are already in the process of increasing the range because short ranges and charging times are currently preventing many consumers from buying a purely electric car for reasons of convenience. At the moment, the innovative strength in the electric car segment is very high and so the first practical tests in 2017 must show whether the concept will be marketable.

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Extract from Sono Motors press release:

Munich, December 15.12.2016, XNUMX.
The Munich start-up Sono Motors raised more than € 2016 in a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 300.000. Among other things, test drives were promised for all supporters until mid-2017. As Sono Motors is now announcing, the schedule is expected to be adhered to and a major release will take place in Munich in July 2017. The partner selected for this, Roding Automobile GmbH, takes on the construction of the prototypes.


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