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Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD - Copyright Opel

Is there a Manta in front of the e-charging station – update

The manta has become history. It is now a good 50 years since the premiere of the first Manta and thus "over the hill". Many young people shaped his image, especially in the eighties of the last century. Movies were shot with him as the main actor and a category of jokes of their own was created. Probably the most memorable and shortest is: There is a manta in front of the university. You can see that as a pedestal for cult status. Those who have given it their own character traits with wide tires, spoilers and the Fuchsschanz on the antenna can look forward to a reincarnation: the Manta on the charging station.

# Updated January 27, 2022

Now the electrified classic Manta GSe has won a first prize. At the Automobile International Festival, the team of twelve experts from automobile sport, architecture, fashion, design and the culture and media sectors recognized the GSe ElektroMOD as a “successful reinterpretation of a historical model”. Breathing new life into traditional values ​​with an electric drive seems to be a current trend. This has already been shown with classics such as the Fiat 500 or Renault 5 in the recent past. The traditional Opel Manta has been converted with great commitment to the future.

# March 15, 2021

Opel still has a relatively volatile electric car history. The Corsa-e and the Mokka-e have just appeared on the streets. But the really big attraction at the moment are the revitalized classics as electric cars on the market. And so with the Manta GSe ElektroMOD there is a reminiscence of the legendary Opel Manta from 1970. In addition to the classic design in the electrified Manta with digital cockpit, new values ​​are decisive.

Electrification of Opel models by 2024

This gives the classic electric drive a completely new drive. Not missing
may be the new face of the German brand. The team around Head of Design Mark Adams developed the Opel front. With the front element Opel-Vizor, a unique design element was created. The core is a visor over the new Opel face that combines the vehicle grille, headlights and brand logo in one element.

Opel front element Opel-Vizor - Copyright Opel
Opel front element Opel-Vizor - Copyright Opel

The Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD is electric and emission-free. It will be interesting to see whether the study will go into series production. According to the manufacturer, every series will be electrified in the next few years up to 2024. There are currently electrified models of the Corsa-e, Zafira-e Life, the high-roof Opel Combo-e and the Opel Vivaro-e.


Cover picture - Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD - Copyright Opel

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