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Suzuki Vitara AllGrip 1,4 Boosterjet

Suzuki Vitara AllGrip 2020 in the mild hybrid trend

The Vitara has been part of the universally usable SUV, which is designed for everyday use and off-road use, since 1988. The fourth generation of the on- and off-roader can now be found on the streets with a facelift from 2018. As with all manufacturers, Suzuki relies on downsizing and mild hybrid technology for all car models to reduce exhaust emissions in conventional gasoline engines. The model is currently only available with mild hybrid technology in the version with the 1,4l booster jet engine with 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive "AllGrip". We will test the all-wheel drive version in summer 2020.

The 1,4 l petrol engine with direct injection and 48-volt mild hybrid technology has a compression ratio increased to 10,9: 1 and relies on electrically variable intake valve control. The mild hybrid system consists of an integrated starter generator (ISG), a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and a DC / DC converter that converts the higher voltage for the 12V vehicle electrical system. When starting and accelerating, the 10 KW electric motor from the ISG supports the Vitara. With a torque of 220 Newton meters over a speed range between 1.500 and 4.000 rpm, the Vitara with manual transmission can also be driven a little more relaxed.

With the facelift in the anniversary year 2018, some new accents have been set.

Video Suzuki Vitara AllGrip 1,4 Boosterjet

Vitara facelift and interior

With the facelift in the anniversary year 2018, some new accents have been set. An audio system with smartphone connection with a small 7-inch touchscreen in the center console. It comprises 4 main menu items consisting of radio, telephone, navigation and Connect for the smartphone connection. Some new comfort features are the start button, the reversing camera and the phonetic parking aids. The Blind Spot Assistant, the parking assistant and the lane departure warning system contribute to greater road safety.

The interior leaves an ambivalent impression. In the Comfort version, the seats are comfortable and individually adjustable. Some plastic parts in the interior spoil the solid impression. Some compromises are understandable given the low price of 26.026 euros (August 2020) for the all-wheel drive version. For the 6-speed gearbox, shorter shift travel is desirable for the future.

Suzuki Vitara control panel
Suzuki Vitara control panel

Off-road and everyday suitability in the Vitara

The concept of the vehicle speaks primarily for a high load capacity in everyday life. The Vitara can be used both for leisure activities with large storage space and for off-road use. Four driving modes can be set using the selection dial in the center console. Auto, Snow, Sport and Lock. The standard Allgrip all-wheel drive is very flexible and offers four driving modes: Auto, Snow, Sport and Lock - this creates a fixed 50:50 power distribution between the front and rear axles

Four driving modes can be set using the selection dial in the center console.

In normal operation, the Vitara runs on the front-wheel drive, if necessary it is switched to the all-wheel drive. A ground clearance of 175 mm, an approach angle of 18 degrees at the front and 28 degrees at the rear, definitely allow trips into the terrain. The hill climbing and hill descent aids can be used for more demanding terrain. They also provide good support when towing a trailer; braked trailers up to 1.200 kg can be pulled. Disc brakes all around ensure an appealing braking effect. The clarity when entering and leaving a parking space has once again been increased significantly by the reversing camera and warning signals.

Suzuki Vitara center console
Suzuki Vitara center console

The storage space can be designed very flexibly and holds up to 1120 liters under the roof. The rear row of seats can be folded down in parts and can therefore be flexibly adapted to different transport situations. With an empty weight of 1.270 kg (including driver), another 460 kg can be loaded.
In the test consumption in summer 2020, according to the consumption display, we came to an average of 7,2 liters of E10 super petrol. This is the average of the specified DIN consumption in urban areas. This is an expected value for an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a high level of practical functionality.


After more than three decades, the Vitara with the mild hybrid engine according to the Euro 6 D standard is a well-balanced car with good everyday usability. With its flexible storage space and good space, it is particularly interesting for users from recreational sports and in the commercial sector.


Test from summer 2020

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