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BMW 530e

BMW 530e - Back to the Future

Traditionally, a 530 BMW was powered by a high-torque six-cylinder engine, while the new models use a 2-liter four-cylinder combined with an electric motor as a plug-in hybrid. BMW will be equipping the model series with a significant expansion of the electrified BMW eDrive technology as early as summer 2020.

Market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

BMW i - market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance

According to its own information, the automobile manufacturer BMW has been offering a factory-integrated solution for inductive charging as a leasing option for the BMW 530e iPerformance since July. For Germany, the price according to the manufacturer of the vehicle-mounted CarPad is € 890 including VAT. The building-side GroundPad costs € 2.315, including a flat-rate installation fee. Production is scheduled to start in July 2018. Inductive charging station for the garage With inductive charging, an electric field ensures the wireless transmission of electricity. ... Continue reading "BMW i - market launch for wireless charging in the 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance - Copyright BMW

BMW 530e iPerformance

The new 5-series from BMW has been expanded to include a new model. As a sporty sedan, the plug-in hybrid BMW 530e iPerformance is intended to combine the driving dynamics typical of the brand with an emission-free driving style. The consumption of the hybrid sedan is 1,9 liters per 100 km in the EU cycle, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 44 g / km. The BMW owes its (stated) economical consumption primarily to its electric range: the 50e should be able to drive around 530 km with zero emissions. The top speed of the electric motor is proud ... Continue reading "BMW 530e iPerformance

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