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View of the battery of the body of an electric car. Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

Battery fires - causes and prevention

Guest Post - When talking about battery fires, there are two main areas that can be identified: the battery itself and external circumstances. A defect in the battery that could lead to unsafe operation would be, for example, a malfunction in the battery management system that could lead to the battery being overcharged. This causes excessive heat inside the battery.

LFP Battery ...Copyright ZETHA_WORK @

LFP batteries conquer the world market

By equipping the basic version of the Tesla Model 3 with batteries, there is already a global order for CATL. The special feature of the current batteries, which have been in use since the end of 2021, is the composition of the cathode material. CATL supplies lithium iron phosphate cells for the manufacturer. They can be recognized by the abbreviation LFP, where the letter F stands for Ferrum (iron).

The new platforms for e-mobility Symbolbild - © unlimit3d -

The new platforms for e-mobility

New drive concepts need completely new platforms for electric cars to optimize range and driving performance. In recent years, for example, numerous newly developed platforms from global vehicle manufacturers have appeared for the coming generations of electric vehicles, from pre-series production to production readiness. We take a look at the special requirements for emission-free bodies.

Mercedes EQA 250

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 - appetizer for emission-free mobility

For the next few years, Mercedes is planning a big leap towards electromobility, promised significant changes with regard to new platforms and complete electrification of the car fleet before 2030. This means that the ambitious schedule is currently ahead of the competition from traditional manufacturers. On the way there, there will already be some new appetizers to discover at the IAA 2021. The story of electromobility at Mercedes Benz begins at the beginning of the 20th century.

dr Michael Baumann - Copyright Twaice

Twaice benefits from the electric car boom

The market for e-cars will continue to grow in 2022: After 355.000 registered vehicles in 2021, there will probably be more than half a million new registrations this year. The start-up Twaice is benefiting from the global trend towards electric cars. It analyzes the batteries, which are currently still the most expensive part of the vehicle. Last year, the Munich team secured new financing for 21 million euros ($26 million). We throw together with Dr. Michael Baumann from Twaice looks to the future.

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