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Symbol Tesla Gigafactory - Copyright Moose -

Muscle games - Tesla Gigafactory

Entrepreneur Elon Musk had already taken care of PayPal for decades with his first global project. After the sale to Google, the new global players were hurriedly launched. In addition to Hyperloop and SpaceX, Tesla has been the focus of electromobility for years with a clear media star: Elon Musk. Tesla has already lived on large-format announcements and visions for the future in the past.

Illustration from the book "The In.Car.Nation Code - How the digital change in the mobility industry succeeds" by Dr. Engelbert Wimmer - Copyright e & Co. AG

>> Different metropolitan areas, cultures and usage patterns need different solutions <

Dr. Engelbert Wimmer is not only an experienced management consultant in the automotive industry, but also an eloquent visionary with regard to trends and developments in the global automotive industry. The newly published book "The In Car Nation Code" is an exciting guide to successful digital change in traditional industrial companies.

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Navigation systems in the car

Integrated navigation systems in the car are often not included in the basic model of a vehicle, but usually have to be ordered additionally at an additional cost. In addition, they are often significantly more expensive than mobile navigation devices or even apps on smartphones; however, they can often score points with significantly more performance and additional functions. We explain what characterizes good navigation software in the car. GPS and sensors Mobile navigation devices are only supported by the Global Positioning System (GPS), integrated navigation systems, on the other hand, are equipped with numerous sensors ... Continue readingNavigation systems in the car

The smartphone as a navigation device - Copyright sergeyvasutin @ fotolia. com

The smartphone as a navigation device

If you don't have a built-in navigation device in your infotainment system, you can use the famous street maps in the old-fashioned way, buy a navigation device for your car or use your smartphone as a navigation device. The question now arises: Which navigation software is useful for my smartphone and which functions should it have? The biggest differentiator between the individual apps is the question of the internet connection: There are online apps that need a constant internet connection to plan a route ... Continue readingThe smartphone as a navigation device

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