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Bosch Lidar complements radar and cameras in autonomous driving

Automated driving will become even safer in the future. In addition to the previously installed camera and radar systems, this requires the use of distance measurements with the precision of a laser system. Bosch is planning to start series development of the first automotive-compatible lidar (light detection and ranging). A laser-based distance meter supports driving functions according to SAE levels 3 to 5, in which the vehicle takes over the functions of the driver.

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Autonomous driving - practical test

The Audi A8, which will be launched on the market in autumn 2017, will be the first production vehicle in the world to be equipped with Level 3 automation. The AudiAI traffic jam pilot (AI = Artificial Intelligence) can take over the driving task in certain situations - in the A8 up to a speed of 60 km / h. The driver does not have to constantly monitor the driving, but he must be able to take responsibility when the system requests it. At the moment, this level of autonomous driving is not yet ... Continue reading "Autonomous driving - practical test

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