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Bosch multi-storey car park in Stuttgart - Copyright Frank Gärtner @ @ AdobeStock

Bosch relies on mobility solutions

In the coming years, Bosch will once again bring electromobility significantly further forward. With complete solutions for electric drive systems and the takeover of the electric motor manufacturer EM-motive in January 2019, a market-dominant position in the field of electromobility was sought. With the construction of the center for artificial intelligence, the manufacturer wants to advance into pole position. Solid growth in earnings also achieved in 2021 despite the chip crisis. We take a look at developments at Bosch in recent years.

Lidar System Symbolbild - Copyright © temp-64GTX -

Bosch Lidar complements radar and cameras in autonomous driving

Automated driving will become even safer in the future. In addition to the previously installed camera and radar systems, this requires the use of distance measurements with the precision of a laser system. Bosch is planning to start series development of the first automotive-compatible lidar (light detection and ranging). A laser-based distance meter supports driving functions according to SAE levels 3 to 5, in which the vehicle takes over the functions of the driver.

Bosch takes over electric motor manufacturer EM-motive - Photo: Bosch

Bosch - system solutions for electromobility

For the manufacturer Bosch, the future lies in electromobility. The trend towards electrification of the powertrain enables Bosch to conquer the heart of the automotive industry. With the previously presented eAxle axle drive system, the transmission, e-machine and power electronics are combined in one housing. By reducing the number of connectors, cables, seals and bearings in production, the drive train becomes cheaper and more efficient. The system can be scaled to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

Shuttle Bus - Copyright Bosch

Bosch - The trend is your friend

Whether lighting, on-board electronics or braking systems, electronics is a broad field for the manufacturer Bosch in automotive engineering. The trend towards electrification of the drive train is now emerging to conquer the heart of the automotive industry with far-reaching consequences for the automotive industry in Germany. "The trend is your friend" is a popular saying, especially on the stock exchange, for herd behavior when share prices rise. Since the Dieselgate at the latest, the trend in automotive engineering has been towards electrification ... Continue reading "Bosch - The trend is your friend

Inga Ehret, press spokeswoman for Mobility Solutions at Robert Bosch GmbH - Copyright Bosch

Interview - The eAxle electronic axle drive system from Bosch

The Bosch Group is an international technology and service company with, according to its own information, 390.000 employees worldwide and, according to preliminary figures, achieved sales of 73,1 billion euros in fiscal year 2016. The Mobility Solutions division is a division that acts as a solution provider in cooperation with developed new system solutions for automobile manufacturers. In a short interview with Inga Ehret, press spokeswoman for Mobility Solutions at Robert Bosch GmbH, we take a look at new developments in the field of electromobility. gcm: ... Continue reading "Interview - The eAxle electronic axle drive system from Bosch

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