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Nissan Leaf model year 2020

Nissan Leaf e + TEKNA 2020 test

The Nissan Leaf is one of the best-selling electric cars in the world. The motto of the most powerful version with the model suffix "e +" is characterized by the attributes faster (0-160 km / h in 6,8 seconds), higher (160 kW / 217 PS engine) and further (range up to 500 km) the end. For years, the previous model has been used frequently in the city area due to its acceptable range. In the current, completely revised version "e +", there is a plus of a very sporty driving style and a significant increase in range compared to the basic models.

Scheme of an electric car - Copyright Patrick P. Palej @

Inductive fast charging system

The joint project ILS (inductive charging system) is a sub-project of the research project "E-WALD - Electromobility Bavarian Forest" of the Deggendorf University of Technology. The core of the project is the contactless charging technology for electric vehicles, which was used in two converted electric vehicles. In addition, two charging locations were equipped with an inductive fast charging system: one location in a parking garage and a second location in an outdoor area. The aim of the development of inductive fast charging systems is to simplify the charging of electric cars as much as possible and thus the ... Continue reading "Inductive fast charging system

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