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eco up! 2020 in the test

up! in the CNG variant with an autograph

In addition to the expansion of electromobility, the Volkswagen Group is currently also offering models with natural gas drives. In the future, these drives will be withdrawn from the market in favor of the electric drive. The small fuel tank serves as a reserve. The long-term advantage lies in a better CO2 balance due to the possible use of biomethane or e-gas. Biomethane is obtained from plant residues, e-gas from excess green electricity (power-to-gas) that is added to the fuels. We take a look at everyday life in the eco up !.


Seat Leon ST XCELLENCE 1.5 TGI review

The focus of the future of the Volkswagen Group is clearly on electromobility. Since the aftermath of the VW emissions scandal in 2015, the apparently manipulated exhaust gas values ​​have led to a worldwide loss of confidence in the use of fossil fuels.

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