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Cooper SE

Mini Cooper SE Facelift 2021 - Copyright BMW / Mini

Mini Cooper SE Facelift - Price List July 2021

Two years ago, almost no manufacturer could be without an electric vehicle concept at the IAA 2017. And so BMW Mini also presented a purely electric design study in Frankfurt: The MINI Electric Concept was intended to give a foretaste of the purely electric series model of the MINI, which was presented in 2019. Now the Mini has been presented with the new facelift since March 2021 with a 135 kW / 184 PS electric motor and extensive standard equipment including LED headlights, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, heating with heat pump technology, auxiliary heating, electric parking brake and connected navigation.

Min Cooper SE winter test 2021

Mini Cooper SE winter test 2021

There are probably only a select number of cars that give the driver a hint of traditional values ​​and the future in an instant after entering the car. The electric Mini Cooper bravely defends its design language, which has been cultivated for decades, and leads its clientele to emission-free driving times. In our winter test, we tested the SE under cool conditions in the real north and learned some interesting details.

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