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The exhaust disappears under the rear apron

Trend 2024 - I have no exhaust at all

The auto industry has been following a trend in recent years. The exhaust, for decades an important detail in the rear apron of the car for the following drivers, disappears quietly from the streets.

Start from the diesel vehicle. Source: © Ingo Bartussek @

Then I switch off - the "thermal window" in the car

The term “thermal window” actually exudes some positive attributes such as energy saving, comfort and environmental protection. In connection with the internal combustion engine, however, the signs are quite different. Every modern car is equipped with an outside temperature sensor that informs us in good time of possible slippery roads. At the same time, the current temperature value is also transmitted to the engine control in the combustion engine in order to control optimal combustion and to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. According to an EU directive, the legislature has so far allowed manufacturers to ... Continue readingThen I switch off - the "thermal window" in the car

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