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ECOdolomites Trophy CAP - Copyright

Electromobility in the Dolomites - ECOdolomites stops in Bressanone

77 electric vehicles took part in the 2019 ECOdolomites program, also with this 11th edition on September 12, 2020 of the ECOdolomites the environmental protection concept is in the foreground. The pass roads are a cultural link between the valley communities, whose inhabitants should preserve the world natural heritage of the Dolomites in all its facets. The association's vision is mobility without noise and without exhaust fumes in all its diversity, from individual transport to public transport.

Practical test Volkswagen e-Golf 2018

e-Golf as a bargain

The E-Golf, the purely electric variant of the VW Golf class, is lagging behind in terms of registration numbers. Volkswagen customers are waiting for the all-electric ID3. This year the e-Golf is over. The Golf 8 is still available as a partially electrified version - as a hybrid, which is always equipped with an internal combustion engine in addition to an electric motor. After the list price was reduced to 31.900 euros, the last e-Golfs are now available as bargains well below 20.000 euros. In our practical test from 2018, we placed emphasis on suitability for everyday use in cooler weather conditions.

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