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Electric drive

Commuter Pedelec symbol © stockphoto-graf -

Pedelec accident numbers are increasing

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the mobility behavior of all those involved in public road traffic. A clear trend has become established in recent years. While the conventional bicycle market has stagnated, sales figures for pedelecs have risen steadily in recent years. With a total of 2.000.000 e-bikes sold in 2021, a new record was set last year.

e.GO Life NEXT - Copyright Next.e.GO Mobile SE

e.GO Life NEXT is to be produced from June 2021

After the roller coaster ride of e.GO Mobile in recent years, things did not look good in connection with the corona pandemic and the insolvency in self-administration that opened at the beginning of July 2020. The company e.GO Mobilie, founded and managed by Streetscooter inventor Günther Schuh, was then able to reposition itself with a new majority shareholder. Now, after the conclusion of a new round of financing, the restart in production is to start in June 2021.

Symbol electric motor - Copyright fotomek @ Adobe Stock

Electric motors in automotive engineering

The basic principle of an electric motor is easy to explain: It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The basis for the motor is the magnetism phenomenon. The basic principle is the attraction of different poles and the repulsion of the same poles. A non-magnetically charged particle can be magnetized with electricity.

BMW iX3 - Copyright BMW

BMW iX3 - First all-electric X model

BMW is expanding its range of vehicles with electrified drive to include the first electric X model. It is the entry into the all-electric SUV models. The motorization of the BMW X3 is now broadly based, from gasoline and diesel engines to plug-in hybrids and all-electric drives. Production takes place at the Chinese production site in Shenyang of the BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture and is also produced there for global export.

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