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Electric car

Bosch takes over electric motor manufacturer EM-motive - Photo: Bosch

Bosch - system solutions for electromobility

For the manufacturer Bosch, the future lies in electromobility. The trend towards electrification of the powertrain enables Bosch to conquer the heart of the automotive industry. With the previously presented eAxle axle drive system, the transmission, e-machine and power electronics are combined in one housing. By reducing the number of connectors, cables, seals and bearings in production, the drive train becomes cheaper and more efficient. The system can be scaled to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.

E-mobility board member Thomas Ulbrich. Germany - Copyright VW

Volkswagen is planning 36.000 charging stations

After restructuring in the last two years, Volkswagen is planning a clearly noticeable expansion of the charging infrastructure on the way to electromobility in the next few years. In addition to increasing the number of electric cars available in the future, the declared goal is to make the number of charging points in public spaces more transparent for all users.

Opel Corsa-e - Copyright Opel / PSA

Opel Corsa with electric drive from 2020

Opel is currently preparing the completely renewed sixth generation of the Corsa for the future. After the rather bumpy start into electromobility with the Bold offshoot of General Motors as Ampera e, the new Corsa with an electric drive variant with 100 kW (136 hp) power and an announced WLTP range of 330 kilometers will be launched in 2020 walk.

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e.GO Life in front of the Factory Store - Copyright e.GO Mobile AG

The e.GO Life in the shopping cart

In 2020 the AUTO1 Group will offer the Citystromer e.GO Life as a new vehicle on its platform. The online B2B marketplace is best known as a trading platform for used cars. In the future, the entry-level model will probably also be used for marketing new cars.

Icon image Tesla driver - Copyright VadimGuzhva @

Tesla - The end of monopoly

Tesla Inc. is one of the few listed companies in which a major shareholder is both the head of the supervisory board and the defining figure of the company. Corporate communication is tailored to the speaker Elon Musk. For the outsider, it is impossible to really differentiate whether Musk only leads an international company according to his own taste. This leads to far-reaching irritations. So far, Musk's antics have had no far-reaching consequences - as a monopoly in the premium electromobility segment, there was no ... Continue reading "Tesla - The end of monopoly

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